Blog 19

On Friday, when I heard satire I was not sure what it meant, specifically. I kind of had an understanding of it. I knew that I heard of it after hearing the true definition. I have been listening to satire, basically all of my life whether it be at home, school, or on TV. Humor, on the other hand I obviously know what it is, but I did not know the types of it. After googling different types of humor I realized that there were many that I did not know of. My favorite type of humor is definitely self-depreciating, because if you can make someone laugh, then it is always good. Also, they are jokes about them, so it is not hurting anyone else. Another one of my favorites would be juvenile humor. I’m not sure if that is the exact name, but it is just what most teenagers laugh at. Meaning immature stuff that is not really funny to anyone else. That type of humor definitely explains me and my friends, because we laugh a lot at almost everything.  My own type of humor is just weird I guess. People tell me I am funny, but I do not know if I really am. I just make jokes and stuff and people laugh so that’s all that matters I guess. I choose The Simpsons video because it is funny. It makes fun of the standardized tests and how serious that some people take it.

I do not know anything about Mark Twain or his writing style really. The only things that I know is that he wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and he wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I have heard people say his books are boring, but I’ll have to see for myself. When I researched Mark Twain, I saw that he uses satire a lot in his books and that he uses imagery. The main interesting fact that I learned about him is that a Mark Twain Prize for American Humor was made. He was known as a humorist, satirist, and social commentator, which lead the Kennedy Center to establish an award after him. It is given to people who have had an impact on American society, like Mark did himself.


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