Blog 20

The short story that we read seemed meaningless. I understood what was going on, but why did we read it. Also, why did they make an three day event thing based off of this book. Anyway, I think that it was written in an interesting way, it kept our attention. The choice of words and […]

Blog 19

On Friday, when I heard satire I was not sure what it meant, specifically. I kind of had an understanding of it. I knew that I heard of it after hearing the true definition. I have been listening to satire, basically all of my life whether it be at home, school, or on TV. Humor, […]

3rd Quarter IR

The story I am going to be critiquing is called The Happening by Harvey Yoder. This story is about a school shooting in and Amish schoolhouse. The guy who did it went into the room and told all the boys to leave. He then proceeded to tie up the girls feet and keep them there. […]