Blog 16

I do not agree with the saying “that government is best which governs least.” I think it is more the people who run the government. If the people in office are good at their job then it should be fine. Also, who decides if the government is good at their job. There are a lot of things we know so are we in the right position to say that. The governments role is to make sure that the country has a stable sets of rules to function around. They have to provide for us too. I think that a government can handle a large amount of people if they are not extremely controlling. The governments role to an individual person is to protect them, show guidance, and to essentially punish us if we do wrong. When Thoreau states that “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it…” he is most likely talking about a democracy. The reason I would say it is a democracy is because they are ran by the people. The way to gain respect is to give them what they want. Everyone would have a say in what happens so people would probably be more satisfied.  The definition of civil disobedience is not complying with laws and paying fines. In reality that is not effective because people pay their taxes and all the fines or they will end up going to jail. Also, the last part of civil disobedience is not complying is a peaceful form of protest. Which I feel like is not true either, because in no way is that peaceful and is any way of protesting really peaceful. No matter if there is any part of the protest that is peaceful it never ends peaceful. They usually end in violence or contain violence some part. The only way it would be effective is if you were someone like Gandhi or Martin Luther King, who had a lot of support from other people and were liked by people going into the protest.

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