Short Story Writing

I just want to say that my story will be terrible and boring but lets get into it anyway. My story is based off the sentence as she fell, her mind wondered. Originally I picked a different sentence but when I presented my idea I decided to change it. My table gave me good criticism […]

The Secret Language of Sisters

The book that I’m currently reading is actually pretty good. I hope the story stays good or gets better, because sometimes they go downhill. The events that occur are so real and eye opening. Tilly never meant for her text to put her sister in a coma. Reading everything and seeing the outcome scares me […]

The Devil and Tom Walker

My initial reaction to this story was kind of like why am I reading this. I thought it was boring and that it was just another odd story I had to read. This story is not in my genre and it just was not good.  After reading the whole story and discussing it in class […]

I walked into class knowing we were doing notes. I opened the document and realized I had a basic understanding of the terms. I was kind of like why are we “learning” these if we already did. I learned that there was so much more to the elements that I did not know. For example, […]