Death Penalty

The topic I chose for debate is death penalty. I chose death penalty because it is a big issue that not many people know about. When it comes to death penalty I think it should be a choice of the person that is sentenced with it. If someone does something very bad, but doesn’t want to die then they should not have to do death penalty. If someone gets sentenced with death penalty then they more than likely have life in prison. If they want to live their whole life in prison and not have any kind of freedom again then let them live that life. The state of Tennessee actually recently made the death penalty legal again. They have two victims that are supposed to go through death penalty in 2020. Many people died due to death penalty every year, and it’s only legal in some states. I personally don’t think that states should have the power to make death penalty legal or illegal. The government should make a law about death penalty just so it is not such a big problem in today’s world.

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