Death Penalty

The topic I chose for debate is death penalty. I chose death penalty because it is a big issue that not many people know about. When it comes to death penalty I think it should be a choice of the person that is sentenced with it. If someone does something very bad, but doesn’t want to die then they should not have to do death penalty. If someone gets sentenced with death penalty then they more than likely have life in prison. If they want to live their whole life in prison and not have any kind of freedom again then let them live that life. The state of Tennessee actually recently made the death penalty legal again. They have two victims that are supposed to go through death penalty in 2020. Many people died due to death penalty every year, and it’s only legal in some states. I personally don’t think that states should have the power to make death penalty legal or illegal. The government should make a law about death penalty just so it is not such a big problem in today’s world.

How is my school year so far

So far I’ve had a good school year. I’m am currently passing all of my classes.  I would change my availability to doing homework in certain classes. Work less make time to do homework. Also, spend less time procrastinating everything that isn’t fun to me. i would like to improve my history grade.  History is my worst subject. I find it very boring and i just don’t like to do work in it, and i really just don’t like it. Pay attention more and try to do the work and put more focus into history.  not play on any electronics in her class and actually try to pay attention. A lot of things would prevent me from being able to do that. Mainly my electronics. I love my phone so when it goes off or i get bored i just go on it. I find my phone fun and i find history boring, So when i choose between the two i choose my phone.

Poetry Blog

So far in poetry we’ve talked about how to analyze them by stanza. We have read El Durado. It was an okay poem, but I have read a lot better. I have read Raven, Jabberwocky.  Also many others. In 8th grade our teacher would give us poems to memorize and present to the class. I do not mind reading and writing poetry as long as it is something that interests me. I did not really like reading El Durado because it wasn’t something that I liked. I like poems that rhyme. Since El durado did not rhyme or have anything that would interest me in the poem i really did not like it. Poetry can be fun if you have the right teacher to teach you how to enjoy poetry. You also have to figure out what kind of poetry you like. If you like rhymes or like a poem that has a story and a background. Maybe you will like a poem that has a story and a background. Maybe you will like a fantasy poem about something that is not real. The best poem for me is one that has a good rhythm, and has a a rhyme scheme. I also like a poem that is easy to read, and does not require me to have to put in much thought in what I am doing. Over all i think that poetry can be a good thing for many people, and that it has a purpose. Many people do not think that poetry is a good thing, but it is. I think in 8th grade my teacher did a good job at introducing poetry to me because memorizing poems was not that hard and i really knew what i was doing when we were doing the poems.

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My description of evil is someone or something that does a bad thing. A criminal would be an evil person depending on the crime. I think someone that is evil had a bad upbringing and weren’t really taught respect or how to act in a good way. A murderer may be an evil person. If they killed someone because they just wanted to or they killed someone because they didn’t want them there any more then they would  be considered evil. Another type of evil person would be someone who generally hates people for no reason with out getting to know them or anything. If you just hate everything someone must have happened in your life that made you hate everything. Just because something happens that makes you unhappy doesn’t mean hate everyone else even if they’re nice people and they are trying to help. Another type of evil person is someone who doesn’t care what they say no matter who’s around or is what happening. Another type of person that is evil is someone who wants to fight every body. If a problem happens that makes this type of person unhappy they just fight their way out of it even if they lose they will just fight their way out of anything and everything. Someone who causes mass gene side is evil because they are commanding many people to do terrible things to innocent people. They kill so many people when trying to wipe out a religion or race, but they will always fail because no one deserves that kind of power and people do not like other people having that much power. People who are in gangs i would say are evil. They do bad thins to people. they sell drugs. Overall gangs are just bad. These are evil people.

Elements of a short story

We learned about the elements of a short stories, and how stories really are throughout the entire thing. Knowing the elements of a short story I do look at stories a little bit more differently when there’s so many problems in a story that wouldn’t have occurred if one little problem never happened. In the movie labyrinth if she would have never said I wish you were gone. Just words that she didn’t mean she wouldn’t have had to go through the whole labyrinth and solve all those problems during the entire movie. She ended up getting her brother back after having to solve many, many problems throughout the movie. When her parents got home they were surprised to see her liking to spend time with her little brother. So after all that happened with her brother being taken away, it brought them closer as a family.


My second week of school was better than the first. I met new people, got all my classes figured out, got my surface pro and my gmail so now I can actually do work like everyone else and not have to have paper copies. Sometimes I don’t get all my work done during the week because I work a lot so if i get behind on work it’s harder to catch back up. My days off are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. So those are my days to catch back up on my school work if I have any. I work at dunkin donuts. It’s a fun job once you get to know everyone and learn everything to do there. Surprisingly no one from Bloomsburg school works there. There’s people from central, vo tech, Danville online school, but no one from bloomsbrug . This has been my second week at bloomsburg highschool. It’s been a good week.Image result for labyrinth]

first week of school

The first week of school for me was different because it was my first week at a brand new school. it is my first year here. I had  a Spanish class that I already took. I wan in and out of guidance all week. I had to switch my class from Spanish to another science class.  So now i have two science classes. I didn’t have a surface pro the whole week so I couldn’t do much. Then when i finally got a surface pro i didn’t have a working gmail account for the school, so I was in and out of tech all week trying to get that to work. I learned the school pretty fast. It’s a small school compared to all the other ones I went to. The only school that was smaller was warrior run. Lewisburg is a whole lot bigger than Bloomsburg. My schedule starts with chemistry. Then goes to English, Geometry, American Cultures, Lunch, Painting, Indv. sports, then my other science class. I don’t even know what it’s called. We played volleyball in indv sports and i scored 10 points in a row while serving. My end of day science class is small so we are ahead of the other one and always finish everything earlier than the other class because there a big class. Having chemistry and my other science class is good because next year i don’t have to take a science class. Both of those classes also go together. I’m kind of learning the same thing in both classes in a way. My end of day class is different because it is a senior class and I’m in a new school so i don’t really know many people. So far I like this school. My classes aren’t to hard. This was my first week of school.Image result for pencil