I can’t cinnamon* stand poetry and I cant cinnamon* stand you for making me do poetry and I can’t cinnamon stand myself for being incapable of cinnamon poetry in general. I always get excited for a poetry unit, always thinking it’s my past teachers that ruined it for me. It never is. I’ve found like 3 poems my whole life I actually enjoy and I will continue to read them over and over again because I just can’t find new ones. My approach did not change at all because we do almost the same thing every time

Cinnamon*~ F- bomb. hard f-bomb.

You don’t know me, you don’t know my story.

My first thoughts on the short story was to just to something deep and something that would really push your buttons. I wanted to write something so real it made it difficult for people to get through. My mind originally went to a soldier or 9/11, but as I processed and thought about the different ways I could spin the words into something that probably wasn’t everyone’s first thought. That’s when I decided to write about a woman having a miscarriage. It’s not something so terrifying as combat because it’s a real thing that people go through daily, but it is just as emotional.

Deciding that would be the basis of my story, I thought about the situation I should put the mother in. I was going to put her in a bad setting, maybe drugs or something causing the miscarriage, but instead I chose a normal, everyday young teacher living in a suburban neighborhood with a great husband and a seemingly great life. I was then going to make her husband more involved and maybe have more of a reaction from him to show more guilt coming from the main character. Instead, she was alone and her husband only saw a chunk of what had happened to make her as emotional as she was.

I only ever read depressing stories, whether there’s a light at the end of the tunnel or not, so I knew no matter what I picked, it had to be something that would tug on the heart strings. I like my story and the way I presented the character and her background. I need to add a little more to the setting and symbolism, but I’d say almost everything else is pretty alright.

Second book?… I totally have a second book. It’s Somewhere in the library.

You gotta think like you think.

So far in the book “Hold Tight”, my favorite character is Mo. Mo is one of the main character’s best friends that has a hysterical outlook on life. He knows not to push boundaries he shouldn’t, but he can definitely push some when needed. His biggest fear is probably being in love to the point of no return or being whipped and he can laugh at other people for it while still respecting them and their significant other.

I think the one situation I can relate to in any way is the way that Tia feels about her boss. Her boss is constantly trying to compare them and their situations, but at the same time, she’s letting Tia know that she is better than her. Tia chose being a mother over her career while her boss did the opposite. While I’ve never had to make that decision and I hope one day I can find a balance so I don’t have to, I have had to deal with narcissists like Tia’s boss.

Right now, Tia and Mike are struggling to find what’s going on with their son. He’s changed and has no motivation. They have been tracking all of his electronic activity to see if they can find anything. I don’t have a guess on what they’ll find, but I’m going to assume they find something.

Marianne was kidnapped from a bar. She had relapsed and was depressed thinking about how she disappointed her son. I think she was kidnapped and taken to a rehab center because I know that’s an option to get people sober again. I think that her and Mike and Tia’s son connect somehow. Maybe her son goes to high school with Tia’s son. I guess I’ll find out.

Until you start believing, you ain’t gonna have a life.

Me if I were Tom… a long, long time before the devil came.
The story “The Devil and Tom Walker” was really unlike most of the things I’ve read. It had just the right amount of symbolism and things to break down, but so much was meant literally that it wasn’t too hard to uncover. I hate when you have to read stories or poems and it’s like breaking a code. This story was different. It was little details that if you understood, it was cool, but you didn’t need to in order to understand the story itself.

The society is kind of backwards. I don’t deny maybe some people reacted or did the same thing society has done in the story and real life, but it’s still crazy to me how people think and react to different things.

The author’s point of the story was to show that no matter how you think you’re making amends or “repenting”, selfishness will always take you back to square one. Tom Walker set up his wife to get rid of her and then tried to act like he believed and he had a way to fix his fate. No matter what he tried to do to fix it, he couldn’t change who he was as a person. He was a selfish, fake. Though I can’t really blame him, if she really just resembled the devil herself like it seems.

If I can change, you can change, everybody can change!

Wish I had some of these to help me through all these assignments..
Can’t stop, won’t stop with the “Rocky” quotes. Sorry, not sorry, my friends. I don’t think the way I view every story line or plot has changed, but the way I look at certain shows or character has changed tremendously. When I did the movie report on “Labyrinth”, I never realized how many things fell in to the same mold. Every character or small twist was seen coming or stereotypical, but because the characters were funny and different, I never saw it that way.

I never saw Hoggle as a caricature or The Worm as a single-purpose character. They were always just… there. As soon as I read the definition to each type of character, I was easily able to pin point a character that portrayed that term perfectly. The Labyrinth is a great, classic, but original movie, right? I feel like my whole life is a lie. Sure, who else would’ve thought to turn babies into goblins or played the goblin king like Bowie himself? But it has me utterly flabbergasted that the ways and actions of the characters are nothing, but a ploy to keep people interested. I can’t even lie, I feel cheated. Except, now I understand what was so appealing about the way they brought in the characters and how the timing was always perfect.

I can’t just watch and not share my opinion on a movie or book. I can’t watch a horror movie without the people around me knowing how stupid the girl is that chose to hide behind a chainsaw or something. I’m that girl that cries when no one else is and laughs at the most inappropriate times. I’ve learned that, unless you’re watching movies alone, try and be as discrete as possible. Although I’m also that person who will scream and curse at whoever deserves it in the movie or show. I get in it… maybe a little too much. Always. If there’s a transition process to not be this way, please inform me.

Nothing is really different this week. All I can say is that I’ve become more comfortable with the people in my classes. If they think my sass is bad now, you just wait till I get really tired of you.

You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life.

Possibly the worst “meme” I’ve ever seen in my life, but great visual of how I feel.

The quote from the great Rocky Balboa says it all. This first week has been… enlightening, to say the least. I think most people in my classes have seen they’re actually becoming adults and have to do things for themselves, if they haven’t already. Although, already being independent is pretty fun because I get to watch other people flounder in one big, chaotic mess. I’m sure some of the situations are real problems, so I hate to laugh at people’s misfortune, but there are so many genuinely dumb people around me. Daily.  The only thing I’m struggling with so far is the work load. Since I got bumped up in every class, the atmosphere and amount of work has changed drastically.

The greatest part is that no one treats you like you’re five years old and the teachers don’t sugarcoat anything. If they want you to shut up, they’ll tell you and not care in the slightest. That being said, they seem to also give credit where credit is due and not hand out participation ribbons to anyone who shows up; you actually have to try and somewhat care. I’d assume it’s because most people have an idea of what they want to do. If you don’t care for English class or reading, you wouldn’t take American Lit. Honors and if you don’t like science you wouldn’t take Anatomy. You’re just now able to really start making decisions that can control or impact the rest of your life how you choose to let it. Teachers don’t get mad or hate you if you decide to be lazy, but they’ll let you know it’s your fault if you get too behind or you’re close to failing. I just hope everyone will soon learn that, generally, life doesn’t give you a warning sign when you are about to fail.

Students never take it seriously or they laugh when people say high school is preparing you for the real world because “there’s no deadlines”. Over the last few days, I’ve realized how insanely wrong people, including myself, are seeing that same line over and over again. After high school, it is nothing, but deadlines.