Song of Myself

I have no picture, but I thought you’d get a kick out of my SAT ID photo…

My first reaction was basically confusion and assuming I’m just an idiot. Still an idiot, but I actually understood something for the first time in a pretty long time. I had a couple different opinions on what the meaning behind the entire poem was, but one of them was right and that’s the important thing. I did really well with Section 51. I didn’t struggle too bad and I actually got the right answer.. Section 52? I understood… Maybe 3 lines.. \_(‘-’)_/

Overall, I’m glad we got assigned the sections we did. I think they were some of the most impactful parts of the poem and I’ve never been so impressed with the meaning behind a poem. It’s not very often I can understand poetry, but for ME.. ME to understand it AND it actually have a meaning other than “Hey, this flower is white”, that’s a big step. When others would write about transcendentalism, I think it was partly me not taking them seriously. Kinda thought of them as Ben Franklin when he said not to have sex without a purpose. But Whitman, I can actually see where he made the necessary changes in his life to be able to spew the things he did. I think one of the lines that I thought was important is when he does something we do too often. Question a higher power. Even in his own writing, he was able to acknowledge where he backtracked in part of his life style, but still showing us we all do it as well. My biggest struggle with the work at this point is breaking it down so much. When I read it as a whole, I get more of an entire meaningful message, whereas when I break it down as much as I have to in order to complete assignments, I just feel repetitive.

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