Choo Choo Twain

I never knew there was actually a term for this kind of thing. I definitely never thought I’d be learning about it in an American Lit. class. I usually only see satire on SNL or stupid parodies on YouTube, but I was never one to really go looking for it. Normally, I’m looking up information on something and a funny video or parody relating to it pops up. If I had to choose any type of satire to watch in my free time, it would probably be political or just controversial. I usually don’t have the same political views as most people in my generation, so going out of my way to talk about it or watch videos to make fun of it all wouldn’t help my situation…

Mark Twain?… I think I read something by him when I was in seventh grade, but I’ll get back to you on that.

I didn’t know he wrote “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, but that was my grandfather’s favorite story when I was little. We used to watch some crappy little cartoon every. Single. Day. I couldn’t even tell you part of the story line now, though. I knew he wrote Huck Fin, but the only thing I’ve ever heard about it is your annual project everyone stresses about at the end of the year. I’ve been wondering when it would finally make an appearance and alas, here it is.

This is the creepy cartoon my grandfather made me watch when I was little.

nO frEaKinG iDeA, McGee.

So. I have absolutely no idea what went on with THIS WHOLE CHAPTER. So we’re just gonna roll with it. I think most of these guys were all talk. They didn’t care in the slightest whether they were good people or not, or they just didn’t try to improve. I had always thought this, but then you had said while teaching that the only one you can possibly respect is Whitman. I feel the exact same. He was so difficult to understand, but once you did, it got you going.  I think he thought there was a benefit rather than just being a better person in some of the things he did. let’s upload this blog from a few weeks ago to throw some extra points in there.

Vertigo Review

My first thoughts and expectations of the film were pretty high. Knowing it is a classic and always having a certain level of respect for Alfred Hitchcock, I went into this expecting so much. maybe a little too much. The story line was awesome, the acting wasn’t bad for 60 years ago, and the bad effects just come with the time period. But something about it makes me never want to see it. Ever again. Everyone is talking about the awful kissing, which is terrible, but eh. I don’t like this assignment, but I guess it’s cool. I think I would change some things so they aren’t so obvious to the viewers, but overall I liked the film.

Have a soup background.

Song of Myself

I have no picture, but I thought you’d get a kick out of my SAT ID photo…

My first reaction was basically confusion and assuming I’m just an idiot. Still an idiot, but I actually understood something for the first time in a pretty long time. I had a couple different opinions on what the meaning behind the entire poem was, but one of them was right and that’s the important thing. I did really well with Section 51. I didn’t struggle too bad and I actually got the right answer.. Section 52? I understood… Maybe 3 lines.. \_(‘-’)_/

Overall, I’m glad we got assigned the sections we did. I think they were some of the most impactful parts of the poem and I’ve never been so impressed with the meaning behind a poem. It’s not very often I can understand poetry, but for ME.. ME to understand it AND it actually have a meaning other than “Hey, this flower is white”, that’s a big step. When others would write about transcendentalism, I think it was partly me not taking them seriously. Kinda thought of them as Ben Franklin when he said not to have sex without a purpose. But Whitman, I can actually see where he made the necessary changes in his life to be able to spew the things he did. I think one of the lines that I thought was important is when he does something we do too often. Question a higher power. Even in his own writing, he was able to acknowledge where he backtracked in part of his life style, but still showing us we all do it as well. My biggest struggle with the work at this point is breaking it down so much. When I read it as a whole, I get more of an entire meaningful message, whereas when I break it down as much as I have to in order to complete assignments, I just feel repetitive.


Nothing changed, I hate poetry. I was really just confused most of the time, so I couldn’t tell you. NOTHING CHANGED. My second poem was about how much I hate poetry. Get the picture yet?

There’s a lot of great symbolism in poetry. I just genuinely understand zip. So, I tried. It’s 2am. This counts, right?

Changes. Because who cares about order at this point?

I always like debating on abortion because it’s something I feel so passionate about. There’s a lot of sides to it. A lot of opinion’s. It’s really hard to debate on morals, but when you actually have evidence to back up your morals, it makes it even better. One of the points I’ll talk about is whether it should be legal or not. or which situations it should be legal in.  The sides are pretty basic with this one. It should be legal in all situations, it should be legal under certain circumstances, or it shouldn’t be legal at all. I’m in the middle. Morally, I think abortion is disgusting and not okay, but I know that’s not really how society works. With medical problems within the pregnancy, incest, and rape cases, I can’t be the person to sit here and say it’s not okay. I’ve never had to make the decision to terminate a pregnancy, so I can only say this from an outsider’s perspective. I can’t and won’t judge someone on their life choices if I’ve never been in their shoes.

I want to make my 2019 better in every way. Started off the year with a ticket, license suspension, (not to get dark, but…) the loss of one of my best friends, and grounded for God knows how long. We can only move up from here, right? I need to start with keeping my room clean. Then Marie Kondo everything in my life. School.. this is the only class I don’t do my work in and have a problem with, so I need to get that figured out. The prevention would be maybe my laziness… Just because that’s generally what holds me back because I’m stupid. Pray for me, friends. 🙂

Virtues Experiment-80 years late…

So, McGee. Here we are. This is an oof. big oof. MEGA OOF. But, better late than never, right?


I’m not gonna try and lie about it, broski. I didn’t follow any of these at all… ESPECIALLY NOT MODERATION. I eat my face off 24/7. Gotta live our best life. Cleanliness was a maybe. I’m not gross and I’m kinda organized, but I feel like having your life together falls under that.. this ain’t it, chief. I’m just Bs-ing my way through this just like life, but you want a rant about humility or something? Let’s just roll with it. Technology is a big one I missed. I’m writing this with a cup of coffee I “made” by the push of a button, on Facetime, watching The Switch on my Smart Tv, and typing this up on my… nice… lil handy-dandy surface pro. If you listen to ANYTHING I say in class, you know DAMN WELL I gossip. At least I’m funny with it… I think. I show loyalty always. Unless you didn’t show it back, which I’ve experienced a lot lately. Resolution, I do what I say I will. 100%. Never once did I tell you I’d do this blogs until you said they were due tonight and I GOT THIS. Silence IS AN OOOOF. Although, I generally think the fights are important while happening and I ain’t no weak… INDUSTRYYYYYY I usually don’t do work, but I’ve been doing a fundraiser and setting up the whole thing myself. I’d like to think it’s beneficial. Tranquility, I only worry about little things.. Things that are important, I don’t actually worry about. ooooopsie. 



I can’t cinnamon* stand poetry and I cant cinnamon* stand you for making me do poetry and I can’t cinnamon stand myself for being incapable of cinnamon poetry in general. I always get excited for a poetry unit, always thinking it’s my past teachers that ruined it for me. It never is. I’ve found like 3 poems my whole life I actually enjoy and I will continue to read them over and over again because I just can’t find new ones. My approach did not change at all because we do almost the same thing every time

Cinnamon*~ F- bomb. hard f-bomb.

You don’t know me, you don’t know my story.

My first thoughts on the short story was to just to something deep and something that would really push your buttons. I wanted to write something so real it made it difficult for people to get through. My mind originally went to a soldier or 9/11, but as I processed and thought about the different ways I could spin the words into something that probably wasn’t everyone’s first thought. That’s when I decided to write about a woman having a miscarriage. It’s not something so terrifying as combat because it’s a real thing that people go through daily, but it is just as emotional.

Deciding that would be the basis of my story, I thought about the situation I should put the mother in. I was going to put her in a bad setting, maybe drugs or something causing the miscarriage, but instead I chose a normal, everyday young teacher living in a suburban neighborhood with a great husband and a seemingly great life. I was then going to make her husband more involved and maybe have more of a reaction from him to show more guilt coming from the main character. Instead, she was alone and her husband only saw a chunk of what had happened to make her as emotional as she was.

I only ever read depressing stories, whether there’s a light at the end of the tunnel or not, so I knew no matter what I picked, it had to be something that would tug on the heart strings. I like my story and the way I presented the character and her background. I need to add a little more to the setting and symbolism, but I’d say almost everything else is pretty alright.

Second book?… I totally have a second book. It’s Somewhere in the library.

You gotta think like you think.

So far in the book “Hold Tight”, my favorite character is Mo. Mo is one of the main character’s best friends that has a hysterical outlook on life. He knows not to push boundaries he shouldn’t, but he can definitely push some when needed. His biggest fear is probably being in love to the point of no return or being whipped and he can laugh at other people for it while still respecting them and their significant other.

I think the one situation I can relate to in any way is the way that Tia feels about her boss. Her boss is constantly trying to compare them and their situations, but at the same time, she’s letting Tia know that she is better than her. Tia chose being a mother over her career while her boss did the opposite. While I’ve never had to make that decision and I hope one day I can find a balance so I don’t have to, I have had to deal with narcissists like Tia’s boss.

Right now, Tia and Mike are struggling to find what’s going on with their son. He’s changed and has no motivation. They have been tracking all of his electronic activity to see if they can find anything. I don’t have a guess on what they’ll find, but I’m going to assume they find something.

Marianne was kidnapped from a bar. She had relapsed and was depressed thinking about how she disappointed her son. I think she was kidnapped and taken to a rehab center because I know that’s an option to get people sober again. I think that her and Mike and Tia’s son connect somehow. Maybe her son goes to high school with Tia’s son. I guess I’ll find out.