Blog 24 : Huck Finn

Surprisingly, I really liked this novel as a whole. The beginning started out a little bit dry and boring for me, but as we progressed through the work I really enjoyed the story. This novel was definitely a lot better than I expected it to be. I think that it accomplished its job for sure. It developed many themes throughout the story in a very subtle yet effective way and I really enjoyed that. It involved themes from many different aspects of life that could include early time periods and these themes could also be incorporated into life today. In comparison to other novels I’ve read, this one is definitely more interesting and even more surprising. In most of the books I’ve read, it was pretty hard for me to get hooked on reading the book and I could usually take a close guess on what would happen next. With Huck Finn, I was actually very interested in the character and development of Huck throughout the story which made me always want to keep reading. I also never knew what would happen next, I would guess but my guesses were always wrong and I always ended up being surprised with the outcomes. I was not a big fan of the ending of the book. I really didn’t like Tom, especially at the end, because he was only in it for the adventure and he knew that Jim was free but never told Huck that. Also I hated that Tom allowed Jim to be locked up and be a prisoner just for the sake of having fun for himself. If I could change it, I would leave Tom out of the ending because I hate that he did this to Jim. I think that the most important thing for a modern day reader to take away from this is to always be a leader instead of a follower. Do not go along with what someone else wants to do just because you like them, idolize them, etc. Huck was a follower of Tom’s and, in my opinion, that was his biggest mistake throughout the whole novel because he did stupid and awful things just because Tom told him to do them. The novel most certainly still applies to our society today. As a society, there is a lot to learn from this book. Especially when it comes to racism. The themes that refer to racism can teach today’s society a lot because racism is still a very pertinent factor in our everyday lives.

My Huck Finn project is a twitter page. We picked this project because it’s very modern and it’s an easy way to express thoughts with the ability to include pictures, videos, memes, and gifs with them to add a nice touch to the thoughts. My expectations/goals are to really demonstrate all the themes and important pieces of the story by tweeting threads about them in order for readers to get a deeper and more meaningful understanding.


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