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“With bloody hands, I say good-bye.”, by Frank Miller, is the six word short story that I chose to write about. I chose this short story because the best idea that popped into my head, began from these six words. My story is about a wife, named Elle, who gets cheated on by her husband, Griffin. Elle comes home to work one day and walks in on Griffin with another woman. They both agree to go to counseling to work on their issues, but Elle soon finds out that it’s just a show that Griffin is putting on. Elle received a call on the home phone from a divorce attorney calling for her husband, and that’s when she became absolutely livid. She didn’t tell him right away, instead she decides to keep it to herself for the night and figure out what to do. Before bed, Griffin was in the bathroom when his phone buzzed. Being curious, Elle opened the message he got and saw that it was another woman saying that she can’t wait to see him, and called him sweetie. So, Elle waits for Griffin to lay down and fall asleep, and then stabs him to death with the knife they used to cut their wedding cake. She later finds out, though, that the woman Griffin had texted was his 74 year old boss who calls everyone sweetie. My idea arose from my love for murder mystery stories because i felt like these six words were a perfect fit into a murder story, and it developed greatly with ideas from my peers about what could make this story even better and more interesting.

My concept has changed majorly since the initial concept. In the beginning I just chose a random date, time, major conflict, and ending. I also randomly chose names for the characters, their favorite colors, their personalities, and their character traits. But as we worked through character and setting development, the meaning behind my story became more important. I realized that I could not just assign all of these things randomly. Every single detail that goes into the story is extremely important because it all means something specific, and I have really come to realize that through this process. I had to change the setting to present day, so that technology is as up to date as possible in my story, because the main reason for the murder is the message on social media. I also changed the Elle’s favorite color to red, because that describes a person who is impulsive, just like her when she decides to murder Griffin due to a message he received. As you can see, many of the concepts throughout my story changed after working through character and setting development.




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