Blog 5

“With bloody hands, I say good-bye.”, by Frank Miller, is the six word short story that I chose to write about. I chose this short story because the best idea that popped into my head, began from these six words. My story is about a wife, named Elle, who gets cheated on by her husband, Griffin. Elle comes home to work one day and walks in on Griffin with another woman. They both agree to go to counseling to work on their issues, but Elle soon finds out that it’s just a show that Griffin is putting on. Elle received a call on the home phone from a divorce attorney calling for her husband, and that’s when she became absolutely livid. She didn’t tell him right away, instead she decides to keep it to herself for the night and figure out what to do. Before bed, Griffin was in the bathroom when his phone buzzed. Being curious, Elle opened the message he got and saw that it was another woman saying that she can’t wait to see him, and called him sweetie. So, Elle waits for Griffin to lay down and fall asleep, and then stabs him to death with the knife they used to cut their wedding cake. She later finds out, though, that the woman Griffin had texted was his 74 year old boss who calls everyone sweetie. My idea arose from my love for murder mystery stories because i felt like these six words were a perfect fit into a murder story, and it developed greatly with ideas from my peers about what could make this story even better and more interesting.

My concept has changed majorly since the initial concept. In the beginning I just chose a random date, time, major conflict, and ending. I also randomly chose names for the characters, their favorite colors, their personalities, and their character traits. But as we worked through character and setting development, the meaning behind my story became more important. I realized that I could not just assign all of these things randomly. Every single detail that goes into the story is extremely important because it all means something specific, and I have really come to realize that through this process. I had to change the setting to present day, so that technology is as up to date as possible in my story, because the main reason for the murder is the message on social media. I also changed the Elle’s favorite color to red, because that describes a person who is impulsive, just like her when she decides to murder Griffin due to a message he received. As you can see, many of the concepts throughout my story changed after working through character and setting development.




Blog 4

Fair Week is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s the time where it really begins to feel like Fall, my favorite season, and I love that. I also love getting a week off of school to spend time with friends, see country music concerts, play “I Got It” about a thousand times without ever winning, drink lot’s of apple cider, and stuff my face with tons of Bissinger’s apple dumplings and Denny and Pearls pizza.

This year, though, my fair week wasn’t very fun at all. The only things I did were work and play soccer. There were good parts about working because I got free ice cream and made a lot money. On the other hand, I can’t think of many good parts about playing soccer during Fair Week. It is an old Bloomsburg tradition to play terrible during fair week, and we definitely carried on that awful tradition on Wednesday when we played Mount Carmel.

We left at 2:45 to go to Mount Carmel. When we arrived it was about 90 degrees outside, so the playing conditions weren’t great from the start. During warm-ups, I could feel that there was no intensity whatsoever, and that was a huge problem since we really needed a win for playoffs. The nonexistent intensity continued into and throughout the entire game. Mount Carmel outplayed us and their best player basically made our defense look foolish. The score was 4-2, we were losing, when their  best player received the ball as i was defending her. She tried to turn and go by me, when she tripped. She fell in front of me with the ball in front of her, so I continued to go for the ball. While doing so, I tripped over her and BAM. I fell right onto my shoulder. I got the wind knocked out of me and was in a lot of pain. When the athletic trainer came over and examined me, he started to worry about a possible fracture to my collar bone. So, he insisted that I go to the Emergency Room and get it checked out. When I got to the ER, I got x-rays fairly quickly. Then, the doctor returned with some good news about the x-rays. I didn’t have any broken bones, just a sprained joint in my shoulder. I think the biggest thing to learn from this is to not always jump to conclusions or get upset about anything, until you know for sure what is wrong. When the athletic trainer thought that I broke my collar bone, I got super stressed out and upset, but it actually turned out to just be a sprain.




Blog 3

Unless you’re a cheerleader, an emotional teenage girl, a cliché movie lover, or a perverted guy who enjoys cheerleading a little more than you should, chances are you’ve never seen “Bring It On: All or Nothing”. The theme of this movie is that when you face challenges, the best way to respond is to give it your all with creativity and perseverance. The setting, characters, and presentation of this movie all help to convey this theme.

The setting, characters, and presentation are very important to the theme of the movie. This movie takes place at Pacific Vista High School, Crenshaw Heights High School, and a cheerleading competition in 2006. This setting assists the plot with a milieu when Britney tried out for the Crenshaw Heights cheer squad. Britney felt nervous because nobody believed in her, but she was proud of her success when making the team with her creative and outgoing routine. At the auditions, the two finalists are Pacific Vista and Crenshaw Heights. PV wowed the audience with their routine, so Camille started getting worried. But then Britney pointed out that all PV’s steps were repetitive and that CH had a secret weapon: krumping. CH stepped on stage during PV’s performance and began mirroring their steps. Then, they began krumping, wiping PV off the stage and impressing Rihanna with their own demonstration. This was extremely important to express the theme through Britney, the protagonist. Britney’s idea seemed a little bit unbelievable but she still presented it confidently and helped her team win, which was a perfect representation of this theme. The most important part of the presentation is the part of the title that says “All or Nothing” when expressing the theme. The Crenshaw Heights squad’s final routine seemed a little bit crazy, but it was the best and most creative idea they had that got them the win. The theme of the movie is to be creative and give it your best when you need to overcome a challenge, and the title describes that perfectly because if you don’t give things your all, you’ll get nothing in return.

As you can see, the theme of “Bring It On: All or Nothing” is when you’re given a challenge, you should be creative and do your best to overcome it. These three elements of the movie are very important win emphasizing this theme.

Blog 2

After going through all of the elements of a short story during class, the way I look at stories definitely changed. I learned that paying attention to every little detail and element of a story can help you to truly understand the meaning of the story. Before going through these notes, I didn’t really think that the setting of a story was very important, but I’ve realized that setting is actually one of the most important elements, and that changes the way I’ve learned to look at stories. In the past I’ve also thought that the protagonist was the “good guy” and the antagonist was the “bad guy”, but I’ve learned how to identify the protagonist and antagonist the correct way, which also changed the way I look at stories.

When we discussed setting, I thought of one of my favorite shows, “Gossip Girl”, and it definitely changed the way I look at it and added to my understanding. “Gossip Girl” takes place on the Upper East Side of New York, and all of the main characters live in penthouse apartments. This reveals the characters economically because it shows the reader all of the luxuries that these characters have grown up with, and it allows the reader to think of how these characters would be different if they lived in different settings. The way I look at the show changed because it made me realize how selfish and ungrateful some of the characters were, at times, and how they felt entitled to everything, which I had never really thought about before. Our discussion also helped add to my understanding of the story, because I finally understood why all of the characters acted the way they did, and it allowed me to make sense of the climax and resolution of the story line.

Week two of school was better than week one for sure. We finally got to start doing work instead of just hearing school and classroom rules. I also had my first soccer game which was the most exciting part of the week. We played well, but it was still a really close game, and it ended in a 2-2 tie. Below is a picture taken before the start of the game.

Blog 1

My first week of school felt like it lasted an entire month, not just 4 days. The only things that I had to look forward to were my first soccer scrimmage on Thursday and the football game on Friday. Other than that, though, the first week was SO boring because we didn’t actually start any school work. Instead, we just heard about what each class would be like, what to do during drills, and what classroom rules were. I know, it doesn’t sound that bad, but trust me it is when I’ve heard the same things from all of my teachers. My biggest new adjustment that I had to learn to deal with was having the majority of my hard, core classes (Prob & Stat, Organic Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology) as my first three periods in the morning. This is stressful for me because I come into school still feeling half asleep, but right away I have to jump into a couple hard classes. Plus, if I were to have a test in one, two, or even all three of those classes in the same day that would be ROUGH. Lastly, to end my wonderful first week,  Saturday I had to take SATs for the first time, so I was absolutely dreading that. I didn’t take them at Bloom, and I’m not very good with directions, so I got lost on my way there. Then, I finally got to the school, checked in, got to the classroom, and started taking the test. I got through the reading section and was about to start the math section, so I went to turn my calculator on. It was dead. So, thank goodness, the administrator saw me silently FREAKING OUT and brought me an extra calculator that he had. I finished the math section and thought I was finally done. But, surprise!!!! My mom signed me up for the essay too. As everyone else was leaving the room there I was, in a small group, jealously watching everyone else escape. So, I spent 55 minutes reading and writing until the longest 6 hours of my life were finally over.

In Jaclyn’s presentation I learned that she is not even considering any colleges in Pennsylvania. This was interesting to me because it made me realize that even though we’ve been best friends since kindergarten and planned on continuing being close friends in the future, that might not actually happen. I’m not sure where I want to go to college or live later in life, but it doesn’t seem like we will always be close in location. Even though I’d like us to be, it doesn’t seem realistic at all. That was a sad, but interesting, realization that I came to while seeing her presentation.

My favorite tv show series is One Tree Hill because every time I watch it, it only gets better. Season 9, episode 14 is the last episode, and it’s also my favorite. I’ve watched this show 5 times so far, and this is the one episode that makes me cry, in a good way, every time. It’s my favorite because I got to revisit most of the memorable moments from the show all at once. From the Raven’s state championship win, to “Tric”, to the school shooting, to “Karen’s Cafe”, to the river court, to the store “Baker Man”, to the high school where it all began, the last episode was the best, by far. This episode just proved how the show was about so much more than just basketball, and it allowed me to reflect on things like life lessons I learned from situations that took place throughout the show. Below is a picture from the last scene of the last episode where all the characters are together one last time.

Expectations for Sophomore Year

As a sophomore, I expect this year to be even better than the last. My birthday is coming up in a little over a week, so my first goal is to pass my permit test and get my license. I think being able to drive will definitely make this year a more fun. Also, I hope to help the girls soccer team make it to district playoffs this season, and maybe even states. Lastly, I want to keep all my grades up and continue making the distinguished honor roll every marking period. Overall I think this year is going to be exciting and it’ll open up a lot of new opportunities for me.