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As McGarry was walking around the room with the purple hat filled with possible topics I would have to argue for, I was pretty nervous. Not nervous in the sense that I was scared, but I was anxious about the possibility of topics I could choose from, I did not want to argue for a topic I didn’t agree with. As McGarry finally made his way to our table, I picked out a slip of paper, unfolded it and read “Abortion-Pro.” I was anything but ecstatic when I read those two simple words. With myself being pro-life and passionate about pro-life I knew this was going to be a challenge, and I knew I was going to struggle to try to argue for something that I have always argued against.

When you type the word “Abortion” in the Google search bar and click enter, the information for Your Loving Choices pops up on the right side, providing you with the phone number, email, website, and address. Other websites such as Planned Parenthood and WebMD, and even a list of very current articles that involve abortion pop up as well. Arguing for abortion, a logical way of approaching it would be talking about how legal abortions are one of the safest surgeries, and illegalizing abortion would put women in an even more uncomfortable position. An ethical issue regarding abortion is for sure women’s rights and religion. People who are pro-choice are usually all for women’s rights. Pro-choice argues that politics shouldn’t be in control of a woman’s body. Pro-life argues that abortion is murder and abortion interferes with their morals. Having religion being a foundation on how you think and how you form your opinions, issues such as abortion draw in a lot of emotion.


blog 11

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