first week of school

It’s unbelievable that junior year is here already, and i’m in awe at how crazy time flies. Summer honestly felt like a solid 5 minutes, but we’re back in the swing of things and have to go through all the motions that high school brings.  The first week of school was okay, nothing out of the extraordinary. Walking through the front doors of Bloomsburg High School the first day at 7:30 AM was the most depressing way to start my week. I just had the best summer of my life, and now I have to spend 180 days waking up early, being stressed over school work, and having to deal with the stench that the sewer next door brings. The only thing that I would consider new would be having new teachers, new classes, and a new schedule, but other than that nothing really.  I’m pretty stressed out about this year in general though, trying to balance good grades, maintain a social life, and trying to figure out a plan for what I want to do for the rest of my life.  As much as i’m excited to make new memories and such my junior year, I hope it flies by.

Outside of school has been pretty fun for the most part. The perks of being in publications allows me to get into sporting events for free and take pictures, it’s a win-win in my opinion. Even though the first football game was a loss, it was fun being down on the field being able to take pictures and do what I love.

I learned that Emaley travels all around the world to preform different musicals, so that’s pretty neat. I did play for one year and that was stressful in my opinion, so kudos to her.  My favorite story would have to be from the TV show  “The Office,” in the episode “Stress Relief” in season eight. Dwight Shrute tries to teach fire safety in the office by locking all the doors and heating up the door knobs. He basically smokes up the whole building, making it seem as though the building is really on fire. The whole staff of Dunder Mifflin is in panic, and that lead to Stanley having a heart attack. The rest of the episode is Michael Scott, the regional manager, trying to get his employees to unwind. Everything Michael does trying to distress his staff, just makes it worse. Michael eventually gets his feelings hurt after seeing he is the number one cause of stress at work, so he takes a personal day. The following day he roasts everyone in the office which made them pretty uncomfortable before Stanley burst into laughter, and the rest of the office joined him.

first week of school

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