my thought about the movie is its not that good of a movie and i really would never watch this outside of school. I think one of the reasons why I don’t really like it is because it about a man and his ex wife like come on at least make it about a hot girl he trying to impress if its gonna go in that direction. Not gonna lie I also just don’t like romance I laugh at it then again I am a 16 year old boy but you get my point. so that’s just one part that could be changed. Next the beginning wasn’t bad where he was in a chase ( the fact he was a detective was cool I guess)  but then when he was holding on to the  gutter thing and then  the other officer  falling to his death while trying to help was pretty  funny I mean i’m not sure if its supposed to be but its all good we all laughed on the inside. but i still hate how he was chasing the girl ( every other movie ) but not only is he chasing he but she jumped into  the river and he saved her i would never have guested. Movies really need a new plot its like you see one movie and its like you’ve seen them all really gets annoying but I guess it makes them money. I don’t know if I made it as far as u guys did so but its cool I cant think of anything to say so by

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