To be honest the debate has not changed my thought on arguing only because i argue with a lot of people but i did learn about how to win an argument and how to search for facts to prove i’m right. once upon a time there was a kid who liked to argue. He argued with his mom, dad,sister, and brother. till one day his mom told him not to go with his friends because he would get in trouble. so he argued with her till she gave up. then he when left out the door with his friend Jake who also loved arguing so they set out into town and saw a store that had a game they both wanted so the made a plan one would argue about another game with the owner  while the other steels the game. they went inside and continued with the plan but when jake went to get the game the man looked and both of the boys were caught they tried to argue their way out of this one but no luck the boys went to jail. Dont argue to much or u will go to jail. i cant think anymore bye.

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