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The topic that me and my group received is Textbook VS Tablet.  We have to explain why textbooks are better then tablets in the way of learning now a days. personally I believe textbooks are a better way of learning  because their are less distractions, for an example when i’m in class  (not all the time) but depending what class and if I like the teacher I tend to watch YouTube in class and it doesn’t keep me focus  witch brings my grades down. I know a lot of schools  are switching from textbooks to tablets and I also know that a problem for physical health because looking at a screen for the amount of time that we do in school could passably strain your eyes and cues some people to have to wear glasses. when I do a basic google search of Textbooks VS Tablets  what shows up is a bunch of debate sites and lots of pro and con charts, for example:

Tablets vs. Textbooks –

Pros and Cons Series Part 2: Tablets Vs. Textbooks – Thinkfun

Textbooks (yes) vs. Tablets (no) |

And many more. One way I would approach the problem would be to bring it up in some sort of meeting with whomever is in charged weather that be the principle of the school or the boss at the place you work. I understand that using a tablet it  less work to Carrie around  but  at the same time whats the point of having them if you don’t have internet at home and everything on the tablet kinda revolves around internet. switching back may make some kids mad but at the end of the day their grades would be going up so its kind lose one to gain one kinda situation but its 100% worth the loss if u ask me and I’m a kid who hates to do school work (as we all know)

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