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At first I thought the poem was confusing because all the different emotions the speaker went through. but then i read it more and more to my self then I read it out loud then I had a teacher read it to me and I understood more because i heard it out loud then once i under stood what was going on I started to like it a little more. what I didn’t like is how the speaker goes from emotion to emotion, like pick on or two and write about that make it a little more understanding to the reader.

Some question I have for the writer of the poem consist of what made you write this poem? Like what made you feel this way and what made you write a poem about it? will there be more poems like this and how long will the next blog be haha i’m just kidding I just don’t know what else to say for this part of the blog but I can wing my way through this part. How many poems have you written and how long you been written them? Are all the poems you ever wrote sad? If so then why?

I don’t exactly know what its about but i do know it was made buy a teacher in order to teach a 11th grade class about poetry then decided to make his class do a blog that is to long for my liking and i’m probably not gonna do it next time if it over 350 because this is to long and a wast of my time. I don’t understand why teachers give us this much work when they have to grade them anyways its just more work for them so i like to help out and make their job easy and get and easy grade. half the stuff in school i’m not gonna ever use in the real world.

I think all the allusions in the poem were important in it’s own way. Like they all have a way that they are used in this poem. If you were to have more then two allusion about the same thing and part of the poem it gets boring because the all mean the same thing so its basically a waste of what possibly could be a good allusion. But if you use more then one allusion for different parts of the poem i feel like it would be better because they explain different parts of the poem. So then the reader doesn’t know whats next and it keeps their attention.

over all I thought the poem was okay but like i’m not gonna say it was he best   i definitely wouldn’t read it on my fee time but lets be real I wouldn’t read anything on my free time. Now i need 30 more words so i’m just putting random things down  waiting for it to say 500. how was your day? Just kidding i really don’t care i just wanna be done. bye.


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