my short story

For my story I chose “with bloody hands I say goodbye”. The reason i picked this six word short story is because I had a good idea on what to write about. IT kinda relates to kids in high school today. My story is about a kid named Jake and his best friend Mike. Jake is dating a girl named Bree but little did he know Bree had another boyfriend named James. James has a best friend as well. his name is Tyler. Eventually Jake and James find out about each and a big argument happens between Bree and Jake. Bree tries to calm Jake then it happens. I kinda wanted my story to some what relate to kids in some high school today and how the relationships are today but i also wanted to have like a sad ending because of the title.  I wanted to write something to catch the readers attention. And make them wanna read more. I have nothing really to talk about so i’m just writing words so i can reach 300 words. I’m gonna add a lot to my story. If you read this come say hi to me. Not gonna lie I ran out if things to say so i’m just putting random things down. did u know the first man to survive going over  Niagara falls later died because he slipped on an orange peel? (That would suck haha.) Bet you didn’t know coca-cola would be green if there were no food coloring in it. Last but not least did u know cheese is the most stolen food in the world? I guess a lot of people like cheese. I have nothing left to say but i need 20 more words so i’m hoping this is long enough  to get to 300. I hate blogs


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