my fair week

My fair week was pretty fun. i had to work from 10-10 everyday but the times i did get off  i would chill with friends and walk around. There was this one time me and some friends were walking around and some drunk guy walked past and he was singing a song super loud and walking funny , so me and my friends thinking it would be funny to copy him walking down the street and the man turned around and saw mike and he started yelling at us and saying he was gonna fight us,  so we told him shut up and laughed as we walked away.  On Wednesday i think it was there was almost a huge fight with these two collage kids i don’t know why but it was super funny the both had to leave the fair. The security grad had to come get them both and like pull the out. It took 4 or 5 and the who time I was watching I was also eating an apple dumpling. The apple / peach dumplings at the fair are the best i have ever  eaten I advise everyone get one next year  but make sure u get ice cream with it and u will be complete. Also Mr. Sticky’s sticky buns is the best fair food ever. On Thursday  I had 8 sticky buns. I felt so fat but they were so good. Friday at work i was throwing snow balls at people because i worked at a shaved nice place. It was pretty fun. I had fun with the people i worked with as well even tho i was the only boy working there but the girls were chill. Like i said my time at fair was pretty fun. I definitely can’t wait till next year when fair comes around again.

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