Personally i liked the short story and i thought it was pretty interesting but at the same time it had its parts where i didn’t like. The book me and my buddy picked is the giver. because its a good movie so book should be good I like how the story starts and i cant […]


personally I like the way we did AR It help because I don’t like reading so i definitely wouldn’t read on my own time. I also liked the side works we did for our books because it helped me understand what i was reading. next not gonna lie the books not the best but its […]

my thought about the movie is its not that good of a movie and i really would never watch this outside of school. I think one of the reasons why I don’t really like it is because it about a man and his ex wife like come on at least make it about a hot […]


i don’t really know what we even talking about so i’m just gonna write some random crap.  and i’m definitely not writing 300 words ill do  more like 100 if your lucky. you teaches expect to much and make kids not wanna come to school. start making class fun and be more active i’m probably […]


I think AR sucks. I feel like we shouldn’t have to do AR its pointless. like i understand that it helps us read but we shouldn’t be forced to read as a grade. that’s why i choose not to do AR  and i sure i’m not the only Pearson who doesn’t do AR and i […]


To be honest the debate has not changed my thought on arguing only because i argue with a lot of people but i did learn about how to win an argument and how to search for facts to prove i’m right. once upon a time there was a kid who liked to argue. He argued […]

topic and first thought

The topic that me and my group received is Textbook VS Tablet.  We have to explain why textbooks are better then tablets in the way of learning now a days. personally I believe textbooks are a better way of learning  because their are less distractions, for an example when i’m in class  (not all the time) […]

blog 8

At first I thought the poem was confusing because all the different emotions the speaker went through. but then i read it more and more to my self then I read it out loud then I had a teacher read it to me and I understood more because i heard it out loud then once […]

my short story

For my story I chose “with bloody hands I say goodbye”. The reason i picked this six word short story is because I had a good idea on what to write about. IT kinda relates to kids in high school today. My story is about a kid named Jake and his best friend Mike. Jake […]

my fair week

My fair week was pretty fun. i had to work from 10-10 everyday but the times i did get off  i would chill with friends and walk around. There was this one time me and some friends were walking around and some drunk guy walked past and he was singing a song super loud and […]