topic and first thought

The topic that me and my group received is Textbook VS Tablet.  We have to explain why textbooks are better then tablets in the way of learning now a days. personally I believe textbooks are a better way of learning  because their are less distractions, for an example when i’m in class  (not all the time) […]

blog 8

At first I thought the poem was confusing because all the different emotions the speaker went through. but then i read it more and more to my self then I read it out loud then I had a teacher read it to me and I understood more because i heard it out loud then once […]

my short story

For my story I chose “with bloody hands I say goodbye”. The reason i picked this six word short story is because I had a good idea on what to write about. IT kinda relates to kids in high school today. My story is about a kid named Jake and his best friend Mike. Jake […]

my fair week

My fair week was pretty fun. i had to work from 10-10 everyday but the times i did get off  i would chill with friends and walk around. There was this one time me and some friends were walking around and some drunk guy walked past and he was singing a song super loud and […]

defending the them

“Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood” is the funniest movie ever. Its about a boy who is forced to live in the hood and over come things he has seen.   The plot of Don’t be a Menace is a boy named  Ashtray is forced to live […]

a week of notes

Learning about The short story concept did not help me with any of the stories because i don’t get them.  I think if i were to under stand a little more it could passably help me with a lot of stories that i have to read. The one i know  the most is climax because […]

blog 1

The first week of school wasn’t that bad. I was only here for like three days because of my arm and surgery. Within those three day I realized I hate school because how early I u have to wake up. I hate everyone here and i hate my classes. My favorite  movie would have to […]

Hello world!

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