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Huck Finn like most books ive read hasn’t really affected my view on literature as a whole. There were some parts of the book i mildly enjoyed, but in my opinion the best parts of this entire chapter of our 11th grade Literature class was the discussions we would have abut the works of Mark Twain. Including talking about the struggle of Huck being associated with not only someone older then him but also a slave in the early 1900s. This book i would say was better than expected, i at least enjoyed some of it rather than enjoying none of it like the usually amount i enjoy regular books. There were many themes in this work, the theme of southern Romanticism is the one that struck me the most. Having a society where its OK to run away as a white boy in a bad apprenticeship but not okay for a black slave to run away from his plantation, and i know that this is only one example from the book with Judith Loftus, but its not uncommon for most people in towns to share similar beliefs, including beliefs on slavery in the south, especially in the time period state in the book. Especially in the end of the book, the way that Mark Twain finally wrapped up the entire story to have everyone be as happy as hell, Huck has his 6 large, Jim is free, and Toms leg is healed. Who loses? Nobody. Trying to introduce Huck Finn into today’s society to me seems like it could be either be very very good or just horribly horribly bad, because people just dont act the same as they did back then, but i do feel that some of the lessons and morals could be taught to modern day life and people.

My Huck Finn project is just a couple of friend bickering over Huck Finn while playing video games, my character who hasn’t even read the book or is aware you assigned it is confused the entire time. With his friends around him tying to explain the themes of Huck Finn.

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