blog 9

I’m pretty sure I broke a lot of those vertus. For example the one that says “Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.”. I broke that one because me and my friend went to Applebee’s Wednesday night and I ate a lot of brew pub pretzels and beer cheese dip. I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore and felt a little sick to my stomach after eating all that. “Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.” I speak all the time whether it’s important or not important at all. It’s usually not important at all or i’ll make noises to scare my sister or something. I also always change the subject within seconds. I can’t stay on the same subject for a long period of time or else i will get bored of it. “Let all your things have their places; let each part of your  business have its time”. I am extremely bad with time especially evening out time. I can not do something for a long period of time or else I will get bored too. I can’t sit somewhere without doing something. Me and my sister will pick what we are eating for dinner that night. We don’t care we usually eat out or something. But we usually just end up eating out we never know where we are going to eat until last minute. “Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.” I do good for others but i also just sit around and do nothing because their is nothing better to do. I binge watch Grey’s Anatomy on netflix for hours because I have nothing better to do and why not,it’s kind of me time until someone interrupts me. Then I get mad because I’m at the end of season where the drama gets good,then I have to pause it and by the time I get back from that I’m exhausted and end up going to bed then I can’t watch it for a couple of days.

blog 8

My first reaction to the poem smile was who wrote this and why. I didn’t understand why someone would name it smile and make it seem so depressing. I didn’t understand it and still don’t understand it and I have read it over 10 times. I do not understand the concept of the poem and I don’t understand why anyone would write a poem like that. When I found out who wrote it I was confused on why he wrote it like that. Why write something so depressing for no apparent reason? Why is it so confusing? Why does it make no sense,even after reading it so many times I do not understand it or why write it? Why not just get one off of the internet instead of writing your own? I feel like it just wants people to think a whole lot but we are never going to get the true answer. Is that the point of the story to never get the right and true answer? I truly do not get this poem at all. And i still don’t get why you are making us do this. What’s the point of this? Why do we need to tell you about this? Do you even know the answer to these questions? If so what are they? Do you write the answers to your questions in paragraphs like we do? I wrote about this kind of in my last blog but all I want is my questions answered. Their not hard questions, I didn’t want to make them to be hard. I just do not get your poem I want to know about it and I want to understand it but I don’t get it at all. I hear people in the hallway talking about how they don’t get it so at least I’m not the only one but I still want to know. The sound and sense questions are hard to answer too because I don’t get the poem. I just wish you would tell us about this poem and help us understand it better.

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I do not like writing poems. I am not someone who likes to write about my feelings or someone else’s feelings or thoughts. I can not write a poem to save my life. I am awful at writing poems. I do not care for poems they don’t like me and I don’t care for them. I can not make stanzas and words rhyme. If I write a poem it will most likely be free verse because that’s when you can write it how you want it and don’t have any rules. The two poems you made us write it took me forever to rhyme words together. I don’t care if I’m not good at writing poems I’m not going to use them when I get older. I never liked poems and I never will like them. When you made us write then it was torture. I didn’t know what to write about and how to rhyme the whole thing together and then when you made us add more lines and you added more rules into it made it a lot harder for me and for my writing. I don’t even like writing why I don’t like writing poems. You already know I don’t like writing poems from my poems why do I need to explain again. I feel like it just a waste of time for you to read this blog just being honest. I’m just trying to help you out by telling you that maybe next time you should just not make us write this and instead have us do something more productive and that will help us out a lot better. Not saying these blogs aren’t helping us out but their are so many other things you could have us do in the class than some blog. I’m just stating my opinion. I do not like poems at all. Poems do not come to me as easily as they do to other people and they probably never will. Some people are just really good at writing poems while I am not at all. I am not Edjar Allan Poe.

blog AR book 1

Miles decided to leave his parents in Florida to go to a boarding school in Alabama. When he gets there his parents tell him to not smoke and drink and all that. He then goes and meets his roommate,when meeting him all Miles could smell on him was cigarette smoke. His roommate was named Chip,he memorized all the countries on the map in alphabetical order. While on Miles hand he could memorize everyone’s last words that they said to him. Unlike Miles, Chip had a scholarship but both Miles and Chip were juniors. Chip goes to a girl named Alaska for his cigarettes,she has a single room because the girl that was supposed to live with her got kicked out last year, Miles really likes Alaska, he thinks she’s hot! Alaska has a boyfriend but she does think that Miles is cuter and smarter than her boyfriend. Three kids take Miles out of his bed in the middle of the night,they lead him across the soccer field and duct taped his arms and legs. Miles got his arms undone and ripped the duck tape after being thrown in the lake. Then he marches to Alaska’s room unknowing what was going to happen. Alaska laughs at him and about what happened to him, he left and went back to his dorm room extremely mad. Alaska explains to Miles that she smokes to die that’s why she smokes so fast is so she can die. Alaska mentions multiple times about dying but dying smart. Miles,Alaska,Tamika,and the Colonel get caught smoking at the lake by The Eagle. They went in front of a jury, Alaska and the Colonel end up taking all the blame for the situation which meant that Miles didn’t get in trouble. Someone unhooked the water pip and put it through Alaska’s room window and then her room got flooded. Alaska ratted her last roommate out,then Miles found out by the Colonel told him and then Alaska told him she did. The he figured out that is why she took all the blame so her friends could trust her since they didn’t trust her after she did that.  

AR blog book 2

Hazel Grace Lancaster was a 16 year old girl who had cancer,her mom and doctor both thought that she had depression so they wanted her to attend a cancer support group weekly. After a couple weeks of being at the support group she noticed a new boy who was “beautiful” in her words,he had lost one eye to cancer and will soon lose his other one to cancer too. Hazel and Augustus end up talking at the support group.He invites her over to his house to watch television,while he was putting a cigarette in his mouth Hazel was grossed out,then he said he never lights them he just put them in his mouth to show that if you smoke it’s going to make your teeth out and a bunch of other stuff. She ends up going over to his house and meeting his family. She noticed that their were basketball trophies and basketball stuff in his bedroom and the basement. He told her before all this happened he would play all the time and loved it but when he got cancer he had to stop. Hazel emails her favorite author all these questions about his book and his ending. He emails her back a couple weeks later and tells her that he can not answer any of the questions over email but if she ever is in Amsterdam to let him know or stop by and they can talk about the book. Augustus gets a free wish kind of thing,that says he can go anywhere and the hospital will pay for it. He chose Amsterdam and took Hazel with so she could meet her favorite author. They get their and go down to where he lives to meet him. He didn’t know they were coming and got extremely mad because his secretary invited them. He ended up being a drunk and hasn’t wrote back to his fans in years. Hazel and Augustus ended up leaving/getting kicked out. A couple months later Augustus died from his cancer. Her favorite author showed up at the funeral drunk/still drinking,trying to talk to her about the book. She wasn’t too happy, he tried getting in the car with her so he could talk to her but she kicked him out.

What’s my story

The six word short story I choose was “Please, this is everything,I swear”,the reason I choose this was because you can take it in different ways and do different things to it like add your own kind of perspective of the story. My perspective of the story was a guy was robbing another guy but the robber had this big back story that led up to him doing this. I wanted to do an interesting and suspenseful kind of story with what I chose. I was thinking about doing a kid that stole another kids lunch money but I felt like it would be a better story and be more effected of what is happening in the story. There is also a lot bigger back story with the older guys. I also decided it from like what’s happening today’s world. Most kids don’t take other kids lunch money anymore,it’s all computerized anymore which meant I could do that if I wanted to do it in this time period. Another reason is so many people are getting robbed now a days its crazy. Which meant that would be good to do especially since it with my setting better. I was going to make the person that’s getting robbed a women but I felt like that would kind of change the background story a little more too. What we learned about plot kinda changed my perspective because I kinda wanted more detail then I had before. I also want my setting to be more specific and also because there is going so much going on with people getting robbed it kind of makes sense with the conflict and what’s happening. I want my story to be kind of depressing but not too depressing that it makes people think I’m depressed. I feel like also that the setting with the  kids would be too happy and cheerful,which I mean I would want to do something like that but I feel like it wouldn’t be an as good of a story for some of the people reading this.

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The ride called Tidal Wave

Me and this one  girl worked at this one game stand called “I Got It”. We just got on break for thirty minutes,we didn’t know what to do so we decided to go on some rides. We about fifteen minutes left so we decided to go on one more ride before we went back,we decided to go on the ride called “Tidal Wave”. When we got on we ended up being the only two people on the ride. When we thought the ride was over the people running the ride started to go again and said we are going for another round by that time we had to be at work in five minutes. We tried communicating with them to stop the ride but every time we tried they would just laugh at us. At that point we knew we were going to be late,which meant one of us had to text our boss and that one of us was me. I had to text my boss and let him know that these people running this ride would not let us off the ride. The workers ended up not letting us off until right when we had to be back to work. We ran so fast trying to get to work,we were also so scared of getting yelled at by our boss that by the time we got there we could breathe and were sweating so bad. When we got finally got there we noticed that our boss wasn’t even there. I have never been so relieved in my life. The only problem was the two people we were supposed to let on break were a little angry at us since we were supposed to come a little earlier to switch aprons and all that stuff. When we got there we got there right before our boss did so he didn’t know we came back a minute late and none of the other workers told him so we ended up not getting in any trouble by our boss. The only thing is we owed those two guys big time after coming in a little late.Image result for tidal wave ride from fairImage result for i got it stand from fair

play blog

During the Holocaust the Nazi regime and its collaborators killed six million Jews. The learning experience from just hearing about and actually seeing a play and watching it happen were extremely different. Seeing it in person was a lot better and helped me see what was actually happening to these people and what they had to go through. Being a person who never learned about Anne Frank until a couple days ago and then going to a play and seeing what happened to these people was an experience. If I could I would go see the play again to just see everything again. The events didn’t seem as real and as serious when we were talking about it in school. When we saw it at the play you knew it was real,and what happened and to actually see these people do this play and also make it so realistic is just amazing in my opinion.

I think if students are studying it they should see the play but also if they aren’t learning about they should still see it. I feel like everyone should learn about it and see it. A lot of this stuff this happening around here. For example the people holding up signs that say “Jews will not replace us” is a big deal,this could lead to stuff that is extremely unnecessary. This could lead to another Holocaust which is why I feel like everyone should see the play weather you learned about it or not. I didn’t learn about the Holocaust and Anne Frank until a couple days ago and to be honest I’m extremely happy I got see this play because I probably wouldn’t of got to see it.

Some important things I took away from it and other people probably took away from it was be grateful. What I mean by that is that we have so much but we always want more. No one is happy ever with what they already have,we should be grateful that we don’t have to fear for our lives everyday,or have to hide somewhere because some people are trying to kill us. We should also be grateful and happy that we don’t have to live with multiple families and that we can afford to buy food for ourselves. Back then they couldn’t buy food for themselves,they didn’t have the technology we have today. We have freedom today,we have a free country with freedom of speech and rights.

Some of the things that happened before are happening now. The signs in Charlottesville of people putting up the Jews symbol and chanting how “jews will not replace us” is a bad thing. There is probably a lot more going on about jews going on in America. Another this is the people at the Bloomsburg fair selling Nazi flags and people driving around with the Nazi flags. But at least now the flags are banned from the bloomsburg fair which is good.

The play and learning about it did change my view a lot. One way it changed is that you don’t really know how much change can change someone until to physically see it. When Anne and her family had to move in with another family and a dentist I didn’t really think it would be that cluttered. Every single one of them had to share a room except Peter. Anne’s parents had to share with Anne’s sister,but Anne had to share a room with a total stranger she didn’t even know. Both families didn’t know each other and just all moved into the same house together not knowing what was actually going to happen,weather they were all just going to fight or whether they were actually going to get along with each other. That changes my views because I’m glad I don’t have to live with another family plus my family and another guy in one little place.

I saw the play different then most people probably,most people just thought it was stupid and boring but I really liked how it was played and how the actors made their characters so realistic to the real thing. I remembered they died but when they died it really shocked me and really got to that when the Natzi came out I was extremely upset and scared for them.