Blog 20

At first I honestly didn’t understand the point of reading this until it got explained better. It was about society and how people are which is a little different from back than but it is honestly still very accurate to what is happening right now. I liked that we did the independent reading thing that we read a little in class. It was amazing to hear about what everyone else’s books were about which kinda made me think about what the next book I should get and see which one interest me. My first impression of Huck Finn was what the heck are we reading, not gonna sugar coat it at all I was so confused on why we are reading this. I think this story is really just going to talk about how society is and how people in society need to learn to grow up and lean to grow up and learn to respect people and not be rude.

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My experience with satire, is I watch it all the time on TV, I see it on youtube, and social media. I hear it all the time tv shows or people using satire. Satire is very funny but also can be pretty serious regarding some of the events going on in our world today. I love physical humor, I love when some one just falls on a table and it breaks or when someone goes to sit down and a chair breaks its honestly so funny to me. Mark Twain in my opinion not trying to be rude but he looks kind of funny. He did a lot of reviews for movies are books. He also died in 1910 which was a long time ago. He was born in the early 1800’s. For example he reviewed books like Huckleberry Finn and more.

Blog 18

I think the film is pretty interesting, I probably wouldn’t go to the movies and pay $10 just to watch it but it’s not awful. I like that some of their acting is funny, I know that’s kind of rude and it’s from so long ago but it’s still kind of funny that the girl caught the guy when he fainted/fell. I don’t like that the pretty much cut the back part of the car in half I think it would of been better if they would of just had it a full car, because it was kind of a waste of a car to just cut it. Why not just keep the full car and show it how it is. It just doesn’t make sense and kinda makes me mad, is it more money? more of a hassle to have it as a full car? Is their something I’m not thinking of? I don’t know maybe their is something I don’t know that they do about the car. I feel like it’s a little confusing, I didn’t know Jane I think that’s her name sorry I can’t remember right now, that her and the guy were engaged for 2 weeks I think it was. I saw they were close but I thought they lived together and they were dating because it sure seemed like it until you (McGarry) told us they weren’t dating but they were engaged. She sure seems like the jealous type. I think the girl he’s supposed to be watching her husband is going to find out they kissed, from the Jane girl and he’s going to do something to the detective Johns his name I think. I also think Jane is going to confront John about him having a girl show up at his house.

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Blog 18

Not gonna lie at first I was like why are we reading this thing, we read too many of these this is stupid. But now I’m kinda of understanding it and liking it and getting the meaning of it and how its about society. I found that section 17 was the most interesting because that’s when in my opinion he really starts talking about society and whats good and whats bad. I have heard it being called an influential poem,which I kind of think it is too. Some of this stuff he was saying isn’t true or done anymore here but other places it might happen but here where we live is a lot different than other places out their. Which is okay with certain things but other things are illegal that some places do believe that they can do it when they really shouldn’t be. For example throwing someone into a fire because they did something bad or illegal when actually they are doing the bad thing. The one line with the bird nesting her babies and protecting them still happens now with other birds and actual humans protecting their kids. I don’t think I have any thing to say about this poem except it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I rate this poem as a 7.

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blog #17

I do believe that the government is the best when it doesn’t govern that much. If they don’t control that many things/ people then no one has to complain about the stupid government doing something stupid again. Also most of the stuff they do is stupid anyway not gonna lie I don’t really understand what they are their for what do they do? What do they control? Us? I mean I guess you can say control us but it doesn’t make so much sense because I don’t think they can pass things or higher things. I don’t know what their role is never really understood it. Do they do small things for us? To make our lives better? Somethings do but other things don’t help us they just make people even more angry and mad at them then they already are. The government that demands your respect is a dictatorship, the reason it’s like that is because the person in power wants as much power and respect as possible they want their people to fear them. March 14th 17 minutes for 17 victims, “The Walk-Out”. This is an example of Civil Disobedience, this is going to show power to the people and not the people in charge, hopefully they do something about it. I love hunting and guns but their are limits to these things and they have been exceeded. These school shootings that most people look at as a joke are actually happening and this is an example as I said of Civil Disobedience. Everyone should not take this as a joke, the threats are not jokes their have been so many shootings this year and it’s just not right people are getting killed for going to school where they should actually be able to feel safe and not have the fear of dying. This is affecting attendance in schools which means this is affecting kids educations. I mean I don’t like school as much as the next person but I know I need it and not feeling safe isn’t helping my learning. Kids are sitting their in class instead of focusing on class thinking am I gonna die today, am I gonna have to jump out of a window or run as fast as I can just to stay alive.

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Blog 15

They both thought you make your own choices and the choices you make are what you believe. They both were really confusing writers and I don’t know what their saying half the time not gonna lie. Which I mean they do have that in common. They also use words you don’t hear said much or at all anymore because they were written so long ago. The first main part of the expert is mainly saying what he lived for and what you should live for. For example you should live for God and everything which their are people out their who do worship God I’m not sure if they look at him like some of these people do but then their are other people who don’t worship him at all and from the sounds of it if you didn’t worship God back then you would be in some big trouble but I don’t know if that’s a fact or not. I know in certain places it was and others it wasn’t. I mean I guess it all depends on the culture which it still does in some places. The main point of the conclusion was to put his main facts in that he wanted to be in the expert because in my opinion that was one the longest part of the expert. Which is different from the other things we have read over the year because usually the conclusion is when they  write their last thoughts and sentences while the body of the story that they put all the major information that the reader should need to know about that expert/ story. The benefits of him leaving the society are one, is that he would be away from all the people and if the society isn’t going good then he can be away from everyone for as long as he wants. I would probably miss certain kinds of food but not that many people not gonna lie, not a big fan of a lot of people to be honest, if I could I would stay in a cave for a certain amount of time just to get away from these stupid, annoying people. I think a modern reader should take out that you make your own decisions, you may get influenced by other people but people need to learn to think for themselves and not let other people may up their minds.

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blog #14

If we are being honest I still don’t understand it. I don’t know what to say about it referring to the blogs because I just don’t know. I read the note page you put in but I still don’t get it. Everyone is saying Transcendentalism is one of the hardest things in English 11 we will ever learn, which so far it really seems like it. I’m not gonna say it is just yet, I read the guided notes and I try asking other people but they just don’t get it either. I have been trying to think of what to say in this blog ever since it was assigned to us, but I just can’t put together what to say but I mean I guess I can try so here we go. So far it sounds like it’s a religious topic, it sounds like its about God and Jesus which I mean I don’t have a problem with but I feel like if it is about that its a little risky to talk about it when not everyone in this school is religious but I mean I guess its what you want to teach us about so I’ll try to understand what your talking about. Not trying to be rude but I know that man is naturally good, that is false no one is just born perfect and good, that’s not how this world works but if it did this society would be perfect with no school shootings, no racism, etc. I don’t think people are just born evil, but I do think society needs rules to keep it from doing bad things but I feel like people who grow up in bad places/ around bad people then they kind of get those bad habits. You can’t just be born good or born evil if you could that would be very interesting with our society and some peoples beliefs.  Thinking people are going to turn out good naturally is having false hope, having people be around certain people can reflect on someone else causing them to do bad things or act a certain way.

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Blog 14 Independent reading

I used to love reading books, I would sit there and read them all the time. But then the AR tests came and now I hate it. I can’t sit there and read a book and then test on it I won’t remember half the stuff that happened in the book. Most people can remember books they read years ago, but I can’t I don’t comprehend things from books as easy as other people do. I have to read the book twice and then make my self questions that I would think they would have on the test or else I won’t do good on it. Now I hate reading because of the AR tests. I got the book Bruiser, my friend read it and she said it was a really good book so I thought I would read it. After reading the first chapter of my book I think this kids sister is going on a date and he’s going to show up and ruin it or he’s going to their and she won’t be there she will be somewhere else doing something else. My reaction to this book so far is this older brother is a little over protective like all older brothers and he just wants his little sister to be safe and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. My concerns for doing the trailer for this book is getting everything  I think is going to be important all in the trailer. Trailers aren’t as long as people think they are. I think its going to be easy because there will be a lot of good pieces of drama and the higher/more dramatic points in the book.

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blog 13

My view on Bathroom Laws hasn’t changed one bit. I believe that people shouldn’t be afraid of going to the bathroom. We are trying to stop bullying but making this law is only going to increase it because people are just going to get picked on more which really should be stopped. The way I argue is facts, I put my opinion in there a little but it was mostly facts with as much evidence I could find. I want people to know the truth and to know that none of this is right and it really shouldn’t be happening. My peers state their opinion and what they think is right, they don’t have much evidence when arguing. Then I search it up and show them and they still try to say that I’m wrong when I know I’m not. Adults use the statement your just a kid you don’t know, which isn’t a good argument and then when you try to argue with them more they threaten to ground you or not let you go somewhere because you know there the parents. But they don’t use facts or anything they don’t use anything they just say that and that usually ends the argument. The debate I liked a lot was “Are cops racist?”, the reason I liked it so much is because they used examples of actual people who had racist cops and got in trouble because they are African American. Which is actually really sad we tried to end it and now police are doing it just because they can pretty much, it’s really pathetic in my opinion. My thoughts at the beginning of the unit was why are we doing these this is so stupid, now it’s like I mean I guess this isn’t as stupid as I thought the only thing I really liked was getting all this information on such an important topic. No I don’t think different of the argument now. It was kind of difficult because you wanted it to sound nice and smooth and to make sure everything goes together and make sure everything is in order.

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blog #12

My opinion on my topic which was the bathroom laws con, still hasn’t changed after doing my research. It will never change because the law is stupid! That law doesn’t need to be a thing it’s going to put a lot more people in risk of getting raped and killed in bathrooms. The fact is this law is going to affect 5.3 million schools and nobody realizes it when it’s a big deal. Most people don’t think it is but their wrong it is a big deal which should be taken a lot more seriously then their taking it. I did not know that fact before I started researching it. It’s extremely depressing though I feel really bad for Transgenders because all they want to do is express themselves and they can’t even do that because people are trying to put this bathroom law into play which can kill people in multiple ways. Which no one realizes either, people will be afraid to go to the bathroom I did my research and read multiple articles on it and saying how many people this will affect weather your Transgender or not. I got most of my information from CNN. Emotional parts is that their is a 7 year old born a boy but now a girl that is testifying against this law because she doesn’t want to get bullied and doesn’t want to go into the boys bathroom because they would be weird and gross. It affects society because their are people out their that are transgender and will have to use the bathroom that is on their birth certificate just because this law. I didn’t have to do anything for this topic to appeal to emotion to the audience because all I did was read the truth about a little girl named Libby. The reason it’s important is because this happens everywhere and is growing very quickly. Freedom? Freedom of speech? Freedom to be what you want to be? Freedom to inspire? And that’s how ethics enters my debate. Parents want their kids to be/ feel safe is the other sides legal argument. FREEDOM! People come here to be free people come from other countries to be free! And now their taking it away! Ethics in my opinion like it said people come to the United States of America to be free and they are just taking that away with this law! The most common argument for both sides is to make sure their kids are safe. Their kids being safe is for pro as an ethical argument and FREEDOM is for the con ethical argument. For pros of the law is the Transgenders won’t care they will still go into the bathroom that they are identified as. For cons it’s people can go into the bathrooms dressed like the opposite and rape or kill someone. It’s a lot of work to make a good debate and make sure that you have good questions to ask your opponent. It’s also really good to know to use your time wisely and make sure you know what the heck your talking about.

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