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My topic for the debate is Bathroom Laws and I’m not for it. I myself am also not for the law. I know that the basketball team Duke had to play the finals somewhere else instead of at there home stadium because they had that law and then they ended up loosing and soon after they dropped the law. I also know there are people out there for that law. Obama defended it and freedom of speech. A lot of people in states are angry because it’s not a law. Banners saying “keep our kids safe”, “Trans rights = civil rights”. Other people in other states are trying to protect the trans kids. The Bathroom Laws are taking away freedom from the people. Is that what you want? To give the government even more power than they already have? Because that’s exactly whats happening! If someone that was born a girl but wants to be identified as a boy walks into a girls bathroom there will be major problems and that’s not there fault its the governments and the worlds fault. There’s people out there that don’t leave there house because of this! They can’t even go to the bathroom in public because of these people! Soon they won’t even be able to go to the bathroom in there own house because of this stupid law! They should handle the right way and not even make it a law if they want to be identified as a boy then let them and let them use a males bathroom. Why put them in a more awkward situation than they already are in. It’s just not right for them to do this to people who all they want to do is be who they want to be.

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