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My first reaction to the poem smile was who wrote this and why. I didn’t understand why someone would name it smile and make it seem so depressing. I didn’t understand it and still don’t understand it and I have read it over 10 times. I do not understand the concept of the poem and I don’t understand why anyone would write a poem like that. When I found out who wrote it I was confused on why he wrote it like that. Why write something so depressing for no apparent reason? Why is it so confusing? Why does it make no sense,even after reading it so many times I do not understand it or why write it? Why not just get one off of the internet instead of writing your own? I feel like it just wants people to think a whole lot but we are never going to get the true answer. Is that the point of the story to never get the right and true answer? I truly do not get this poem at all. And i still don’t get why you are making us do this. What’s the point of this? Why do we need to tell you about this? Do you even know the answer to these questions? If so what are they? Do you write the answers to your questions in paragraphs like we do? I wrote about this kind of in my last blog but all I want is my questions answered. Their not hard questions, I didn’t want to make them to be hard. I just do not get your poem I want to know about it and I want to understand it but I don’t get it at all. I hear people in the hallway talking about how they don’t get it so at least I’m not the only one but I still want to know. The sound and sense questions are hard to answer too because I don’t get the poem. I just wish you would tell us about this poem and help us understand it better.

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