blog AR book 1

Miles decided to leave his parents in Florida to go to a boarding school in Alabama. When he gets there his parents tell him to not smoke and drink and all that. He then goes and meets his roommate,when meeting him all Miles could smell on him was cigarette smoke. His roommate was named Chip,he memorized all the countries on the map in alphabetical order. While on Miles hand he could memorize everyone’s last words that they said to him. Unlike Miles, Chip had a scholarship but both Miles and Chip were juniors. Chip goes to a girl named Alaska for his cigarettes,she has a single room because the girl that was supposed to live with her got kicked out last year, Miles really likes Alaska, he thinks she’s hot! Alaska has a boyfriend but she does think that Miles is cuter and smarter than her boyfriend. Three kids take Miles out of his bed in the middle of the night,they lead him across the soccer field and duct taped his arms and legs. Miles got his arms undone and ripped the duck tape after being thrown in the lake. Then he marches to Alaska’s room unknowing what was going to happen. Alaska laughs at him and about what happened to him, he left and went back to his dorm room extremely mad. Alaska explains to Miles that she smokes to die that’s why she smokes so fast is so she can die. Alaska mentions multiple times about dying but dying smart. Miles,Alaska,Tamika,and the Colonel get caught smoking at the lake by The Eagle. They went in front of a jury, Alaska and the Colonel end up taking all the blame for the situation which meant that Miles didn’t get in trouble. Someone unhooked the water pip and put it through Alaska’s room window and then her room got flooded. Alaska ratted her last roommate out,then Miles found out by the Colonel told him and then Alaska told him she did. The he figured out that is why she took all the blame so her friends could trust her since they didn’t trust her after she did that.  

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