AR blog book 2

Hazel Grace Lancaster was a 16 year old girl who had cancer,her mom and doctor both thought that she had depression so they wanted her to attend a cancer support group weekly. After a couple weeks of being at the support group she noticed a new boy who was “beautiful” in her words,he had lost one eye to cancer and will soon lose his other one to cancer too. Hazel and Augustus end up talking at the support group.He invites her over to his house to watch television,while he was putting a cigarette in his mouth Hazel was grossed out,then he said he never lights them he just put them in his mouth to show that if you smoke it’s going to make your teeth out and a bunch of other stuff. She ends up going over to his house and meeting his family. She noticed that their were basketball trophies and basketball stuff in his bedroom and the basement. He told her before all this happened he would play all the time and loved it but when he got cancer he had to stop. Hazel emails her favorite author all these questions about his book and his ending. He emails her back a couple weeks later and tells her that he can not answer any of the questions over email but if she ever is in Amsterdam to let him know or stop by and they can talk about the book. Augustus gets a free wish kind of thing,that says he can go anywhere and the hospital will pay for it. He chose Amsterdam and took Hazel with so she could meet her favorite author. They get their and go down to where he lives to meet him. He didn’t know they were coming and got extremely mad because his secretary invited them. He ended up being a drunk and hasn’t wrote back to his fans in years. Hazel and Augustus ended up leaving/getting kicked out. A couple months later Augustus died from his cancer. Her favorite author showed up at the funeral drunk/still drinking,trying to talk to her about the book. She wasn’t too happy, he tried getting in the car with her so he could talk to her but she kicked him out.

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