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During the Holocaust the Nazi regime and its collaborators killed six million Jews. The learning experience from just hearing about and actually seeing a play and watching it happen were extremely different. Seeing it in person was a lot better and helped me see what was actually happening to these people and what they had to go through. Being a person who never learned about Anne Frank until a couple days ago and then going to a play and seeing what happened to these people was an experience. If I could I would go see the play again to just see everything again. The events didn’t seem as real and as serious when we were talking about it in school. When we saw it at the play you knew it was real,and what happened and to actually see these people do this play and also make it so realistic is just amazing in my opinion.

I think if students are studying it they should see the play but also if they aren’t learning about they should still see it. I feel like everyone should learn about it and see it. A lot of this stuff this happening around here. For example the people holding up signs that say “Jews will not replace us” is a big deal,this could lead to stuff that is extremely unnecessary. This could lead to another Holocaust which is why I feel like everyone should see the play weather you learned about it or not. I didn’t learn about the Holocaust and Anne Frank until a couple days ago and to be honest I’m extremely happy I got see this play because I probably wouldn’t of got to see it.

Some important things I took away from it and other people probably took away from it was be grateful. What I mean by that is that we have so much but we always want more. No one is happy ever with what they already have,we should be grateful that we don’t have to fear for our lives everyday,or have to hide somewhere because some people are trying to kill us. We should also be grateful and happy that we don’t have to live with multiple families and that we can afford to buy food for ourselves. Back then they couldn’t buy food for themselves,they didn’t have the technology we have today. We have freedom today,we have a free country with freedom of speech and rights.

Some of the things that happened before are happening now. The signs in Charlottesville of people putting up the Jews symbol and chanting how “jews will not replace us” is a bad thing. There is probably a lot more going on about jews going on in America. Another this is the people at the Bloomsburg fair selling Nazi flags and people driving around with the Nazi flags. But at least now the flags are banned from the bloomsburg fair which is good.

The play and learning about it did change my view a lot. One way it changed is that you don’t really know how much change can change someone until to physically see it. When Anne and her family had to move in with another family and a dentist I didn’t really think it would be that cluttered. Every single one of them had to share a room except Peter. Anne’s parents had to share with Anne’s sister,but Anne had to share a room with a total stranger she didn’t even know. Both families didn’t know each other and just all moved into the same house together not knowing what was actually going to happen,weather they were all just going to fight or whether they were actually going to get along with each other. That changes my views because I’m glad I don’t have to live with another family plus my family and another guy in one little place.

I saw the play different then most people probably,most people just thought it was stupid and boring but I really liked how it was played and how the actors made their characters so realistic to the real thing. I remembered they died but when they died it really shocked me and really got to that when the Natzi came out I was extremely upset and scared for them.