Refugees (Con)

The debate topic I got was if America should keep allowing refugees into the U.S. My opinion on the topic is that they should allow refugees into America as long as they had an intensive background check. A way to approach this topic is in a logical and ethical way. Since I am the con side I want the audience to be informed about what happens if we bring so many people over. On my side not many emotions should be brought into place because that would make the audience feel bad about refugees and that is not contrary then.

A smile

Initially, I understood the poem. I like that he read it to us in class. I liked that he made us read between the lines of his poem. I appreciate that he helped us understand it. I am not sure if I would have understood it if he didn’t help us. I think it is about how depression can hide behind a smile and you can never tell if someone is depressed or not. I think the music allusions are most important because most people would understand them quicker than the mythology ones.

15 virtues

These virtues were somewhat hard to follow, especially the one resolution one. Even this blog is late. A virtue that was added was sleep in moderation which was another failed attempt. No such thing as sleep. Cleanliness was an easy one. Silence was hard because I argue with my siblings a lot even after my parents tell us to stop. Tranquility was a little tough because I worry about nothing at all. Humility failed because I don’t follow religion. Moderation had also failed because I stayed up to work on homework to were I was tired the next day. Another virtue I made was Typical, don’t break societal norms, and I don’t think I broke any.


“Found love. Married someone else,”.

My general idea of the story at first was someone falling in love with someone but that person gets married. I had gotten the idea Hanahaki (which is a fictional Japanese disease from one-sided love) from reading a post on tumblr. Hanahaki is where a person who loves someone without the feelings in return starts to cough up rose petals and a flower bush grows in their lungs. The only way to get rid of the disease is through surgery and hate that person for the rest of your life or for the person to love you back, if either doesn’t happen you die. At first the story was going to be a super hero story with a different six word story, but I had thought this one was cooler. Writing the plot out was based around what I had already written, and then from there I changed the story a bit and somehow made it more depressing.

Existential Crisis


Autumn and I had planned to walk to the fair and my little brother, Michael, tagged along. The walk to the fair was good, Michael had walked slow. We had met up with one of Autumn’s friends. After we got in the fair was when the trouble started. My brother had probably started to get bored which caused him to be annoying. Autumn bought him a drink and he still continued to be annoying. We saw the bunnies and chickens, I tried getting a picture of my brother in a cut out but he didn’t understand that I couldn’t see his face. One of the bunnies looked like they had cat ears. After walking around again for a bit, Michael started pushing Autumn and I, which resulted to him getting punched in the shoulder. We soon left after that and he calmed down. Autumn was staying the night that night and we had to be home by 10 pm so we can unlock the door for my mom. Before we could walk up the stairs to my house, my mom shouted out of her friend’s car window and scared Autumn. We got in the house and after a bit we got settled. Autumn and I listened to some music and watched a few youtubers. I soon put on Fuller House just for a bit but it was changed to Moana where Autumn complained she couldn’t sleep due to the light. She stayed up for another thirty minutes anyways having an existential crisis over sonder and how death is the end of all things. Sonder is the realization that someone is living a life as vivid as your own. She said how there are people out there suffering or succeeding and we were just laying on the couch falling asleep. She was about to calm down but I had accidentally said *(half asleep) that it won’t matter in the end because death is the end of all things and that just made her fall farther down in the spiral of the existential crisis. But soon Autumn had calmed down and we went to sleep only to get up like five hours later.


If you let it get to you, there’s no going back



Once you let the power get to you, there is no going back is the theme I’ve chosen for Death Note (2017). I believe this is the theme for Death Note because Mia Sutton was a well rounded person until Light Turner introduced her to the death note and what it could do. Death Note takes place in Seattle during the spring. It starts out as the death note falls from the sky next to Light Turner. Soon he murders three people, one of them while he was showing Mia the death note. Mia convinces Light to let her join him with the death note by saying she likes him. Soon L, a detective and Watari his personal servant starts to realize the sudden number of deaths and gets in contact with the police force, where L goes out and makes a public announcement figuring out that Kira needs a name and face in order to kill someone. This has L send Kira’s dad out and figures out that Light is Kira due to him not killing his dad. L tracks down Light where he confronts him and Light tries not to give it away that he is Kira but basically does. Comparing the 2017 Death Note to the anime Death Note, the writers of Death Note (2017) have gone far off the path from the anime. In the anime Light is called Light Yagami and he has a sister and his mother. L loves strawberry cake and is soon known to be Ryuzaki. L also plants hidden cameras in Light’s house due to the suspicion of him being Kira, L does not confront Light about it before adding him onto the detective committee. Mia Sutton was a girl named Misa Amane who had a shinigami of her own. Light in the anime version was liked by everyone and he was the one to go insane by the death note while in the 2017 version Light was an outcast and Mia was the one to go insane. The 2017 version shows all of the brutal killings while in the anime Light just had a lot of people have heart attacks.

“Standing By”

(Left to right, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi)

In comparison to week one, two went by smoother and quicker. I honestly can barely even remember what happened last week, so to fill in words, I’m just going to talk about the concert I went to Saturday night. On September 2nd, I had gone to a Pentatonix concert, it was Avi Kaplan’s second to last concert with Pentatonix. He was the bass in the band. I had witnessed Scott Hoying’s (the baritone) riff in “Cracked” and Mitch Grassi’s (the counter-tenor) highest note in Aha, both amazing. They had sung “Light in the Hallway” without microphones towards the end after Avi’s speech about how he has had a great six years with the band and he quoted their song “Standing By”, by saying he will always be “Standing By”. The concert was only an hour long, they didn’t do an intermission. For their opening act Us the Duo performed, I don’t really know who they are but they are talented. Kirstie Maldonaldo (the mezzo-soprano) said how Allentown had a lot of energy and she was excited because we had showed up even though it was pouring. I was undercover the entire show. When Pentatonix sang their cover of “Imagine”, the music video played in the background when it came to Mitch’s part. It showed aspects of each individual member and how no matter race, religion, or sexual orientation they are all human. Kevin Olusola (the beat boxer (mainly) and tenor)  had a cello solo, he played a song off his original album while beat boxing. The concert was amazing, and I’m glad I got to experience a Pentatonix concert with the original five members.

The week worth of notes helps out, since I like taking notes over videos. I have always sort of looked at stories and movies in different ways because it’s the main character whatever troubles their going through now will be resolved and they will be safe in the end. It usually ruins the book or movie when I do that. Lately, with movies, TV shows, and books I’ve been more aware and finding foreshadow easy to pick out.

“Education Never Ends, Watson”

The first week of school wasn’t so bad, I expected it to be worse. I am excited for this year’s journalism group, I think we will do better in sub-content and pictures. I am also ready for psychology, it seems that it is a pretty interesting course. I am not ready for geometry, I find that it is a pointless math class. Why will I need to know the diameter of a shape in my adulthood. One of the not so great parts of school starting back up was matches started and if we lose a match we have to run suicides  for every point we lost. We lost 4-1 and we had to run three court suicide.

One of the most interesting things I learned about my classmates was that someone else was also born out of the U.S.

One of my favorite TV show episodes is Sherlock’s BBC “The Final Problem”. This episode is apart of series 4 and is the last episode in that series. It is an hour and a half long. In this episode Sherlock goes against his sister (that basically popped out of nowhere) with his brother Mycroft Holmes and his partner John Watson. I quite like this episode because it deals with a lot of the past and life or death (seriously) choices. Sherlock deals with resurfacing unwanted memories, how his dog goes missing and why he forgot about Eurus (his sister). I like shows that have a murder mystery and difficult choices in them. At one point Sherlock has to choose between his brother, Mycroft, or his best friend John. He has a hard time thinking about this choice but instead of either of them he picks himself and Eurus shuts down the current experiment and sends them into different locations. But this episode did come out of nowhere and the creator Steve Moffat killed Mary after she had a kid so I’m not so sure about Sherlock anymore. But it’s a good series.