Existential Crisis


Autumn and I had planned to walk to the fair and my little brother, Michael, tagged along. The walk to the fair was good, Michael had walked slow. We had met up with one of Autumn’s friends. After we got in the fair was when the trouble started. My brother had probably started to get bored which caused him to be annoying. Autumn bought him a drink and he still continued to be annoying. We saw the bunnies and chickens, I tried getting a picture of my brother in a cut out but he didn’t understand that I couldn’t see his face. One of the bunnies looked like they had cat ears. After walking around again for a bit, Michael started pushing Autumn and I, which resulted to him getting punched in the shoulder. We soon left after that and he calmed down. Autumn was staying the night that night and we had to be home by 10 pm so we can unlock the door for my mom. Before we could walk up the stairs to my house, my mom shouted out of her friend’s car window and scared Autumn. We got in the house and after a bit we got settled. Autumn and I listened to some music and watched a few youtubers. I soon put on Fuller House just for a bit but it was changed to Moana where Autumn complained she couldn’t sleep due to the light. She stayed up for another thirty minutes anyways having an existential crisis over sonder and how death is the end of all things. Sonder is the realization that someone is living a life as vivid as your own. She said how there are people out there suffering or succeeding and we were just laying on the couch falling asleep. She was about to calm down but I had accidentally said *(half asleep) that it won’t matter in the end because death is the end of all things and that just made her fall farther down in the spiral of the existential crisis. But soon Autumn had calmed down and we went to sleep only to get up like five hours later.


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