If you let it get to you, there’s no going back



Once you let the power get to you, there is no going back is the theme I’ve chosen for Death Note (2017). I believe this is the theme for Death Note because Mia Sutton was a well rounded person until Light Turner introduced her to the death note and what it could do. Death Note takes place in Seattle during the spring. It starts out as the death note falls from the sky next to Light Turner. Soon he murders three people, one of them while he was showing Mia the death note. Mia convinces Light to let her join him with the death note by saying she likes him. Soon L, a detective and Watari his personal servant starts to realize the sudden number of deaths and gets in contact with the police force, where L goes out and makes a public announcement figuring out that Kira needs a name and face in order to kill someone. This has L send Kira’s dad out and figures out that Light is Kira due to him not killing his dad. L tracks down Light where he confronts him and Light tries not to give it away that he is Kira but basically does. Comparing the 2017 Death Note to the anime Death Note, the writers of Death Note (2017) have gone far off the path from the anime. In the anime Light is called Light Yagami and he has a sister and his mother. L loves strawberry cake and is soon known to be Ryuzaki. L also plants hidden cameras in Light’s house due to the suspicion of him being Kira, L does not confront Light about it before adding him onto the detective committee. Mia Sutton was a girl named Misa Amane who had a shinigami of her own. Light in the anime version was liked by everyone and he was the one to go insane by the death note while in the 2017 version Light was an outcast and Mia was the one to go insane. The 2017 version shows all of the brutal killings while in the anime Light just had a lot of people have heart attacks.

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