“Standing By”

(Left to right, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi)

In comparison to week one, two went by smoother and quicker. I honestly can barely even remember what happened last week, so to fill in words, I’m just going to talk about the concert I went to Saturday night. On September 2nd, I had gone to a Pentatonix concert, it was Avi Kaplan’s second to last concert with Pentatonix. He was the bass in the band. I had witnessed Scott Hoying’s (the baritone) riff in “Cracked” and Mitch Grassi’s (the counter-tenor) highest note in Aha, both amazing. They had sung “Light in the Hallway” without microphones towards the end after Avi’s speech about how he has had a great six years with the band and he quoted their song “Standing By”, by saying he will always be “Standing By”. The concert was only an hour long, they didn’t do an intermission. For their opening act Us the Duo performed, I don’t really know who they are but they are talented. Kirstie Maldonaldo (the mezzo-soprano) said how Allentown had a lot of energy and she was excited because we had showed up even though it was pouring. I was undercover the entire show. When Pentatonix sang their cover of “Imagine”, the music video played in the background when it came to Mitch’s part. It showed aspects of each individual member and how no matter race, religion, or sexual orientation they are all human. Kevin Olusola (the beat boxer (mainly) and tenor) ┬áhad a cello solo, he played a song off his original album while beat boxing. The concert was amazing, and I’m glad I got to experience a Pentatonix concert with the original five members.

The week worth of notes helps out, since I like taking notes over videos. I have always sort of looked at stories and movies in different ways because it’s the main character whatever troubles their going through now will be resolved and they will be safe in the end. It usually ruins the book or movie when I do that. Lately, with movies, TV shows, and books I’ve been more aware and finding foreshadow easy to pick out.

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