“Education Never Ends, Watson”

The first week of school wasn’t so bad, I expected it to be worse. I am excited for this year’s journalism group, I think we will do better in sub-content and pictures. I am also ready for psychology, it seems that it is a pretty interesting course. I am not ready for geometry, I find that it is a pointless math class. Why will I need to know the diameter of a shape in my adulthood. One of the not so great parts of school starting back up was matches started and if we lose a match we have to run suicides ¬†for every point we lost. We lost 4-1 and we had to run three court suicide.

One of the most interesting things I learned about my classmates was that someone else was also born out of the U.S.

One of my favorite TV show episodes is Sherlock’s BBC “The Final Problem”. This episode is apart of series 4 and is the last episode in that series. It is an hour and a half long. In this episode Sherlock goes against his sister (that basically popped out of nowhere) with his brother Mycroft Holmes and his partner John Watson. I quite like this episode because it deals with a lot of the past and life or death (seriously) choices. Sherlock deals with resurfacing unwanted memories, how his dog goes missing and why he forgot about Eurus (his sister). I like shows that have a murder mystery and difficult choices in them. At one point Sherlock has to choose between his brother, Mycroft, or his best friend John. He has a hard time thinking about this choice but instead of either of them he picks himself and Eurus shuts down the current experiment and sends them into different locations. But this episode did come out of nowhere and the creator Steve Moffat killed Mary after she had a kid so I’m not so sure about Sherlock anymore. But it’s a good series.

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