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How does each poem develop its theme? Each poem develops its theme through the repeated phrases they each have. Also through allusions and diction. How are they connected? Each poem is connected from how they sound. All are people putting up masks and depressing and whatnot. Everyone is doing the same routine everyday. Which one do you find most applicable to our society today? The one I find most relatable to our society today is the love song poem because a lot of people put up masks so no one knows their true self which saves them from getting hurt. A lot of people probably also feels the way the speaker does too. Which one did you like the most (or hate the least)? Why? The one I hated the least is the first poem only because I read that one and had notes to understand it while I didn’t read the other two well enough to take time to understand them.

Huck Finn is finally over

As a whole, I don’t think the novel was that bad. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t assigned to read it as class work. But just a book to read on my own time. Compared to other novels I read, this one I didn’t really read, so. The end of the book seemed rushed almost, like everything just came unraveled at once. See didn’t read the end of the book either. This novel still applies to society today because we have people who are uneducated and stupid and think that if they don’t vote, it will all be fixed. Deep south southern people. 107 without going through most of the questions already.

The Huck Finn project Ryan and I chose to do is a newspaper. Each article is a different theme and a bunch of quotes like you interviewed the character and even though it is set in 1845, there will be pictures because I’m not writing so much to fill a page in indesign and there is like 12 pages(?).

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What are the most important moments of these chapters and why? One of the most important moments is that the King had sold Jim to drink himself away and Huck thinks about writing a letter to Miss. Watson but knows better and he can’t pray a lie. The duke tries to send Huck in a different direction other than the way to Jim but Huck knows better. When he gets to the farm he finds out it is Tom Sawyer’s family and has to play his part in fear of the real Tom showing up. Huck gathers a conscience after finding the Duke and King tarred and feathered. He says that human beings can be cruel to each other. What new characters do we meet and what do we learn about them? We meet Tom Sawyer’s Aunt Sally and we find out that she isn’t the brightest and not a very productive member of the family because she can’t even tell who is actually related to her. The setting of the farm is probably to show that Huck is stuck there, his trip is over. My prediction for the end of the story is that Huck will go on his own.

Blog 22

Who is your selected author? The author I selected is Edgar Allan Poe. Why did you pick this author? I chose him because he led a tragically interesting life and the secrets of the mad usually make great stories. What is their primary form of work (novel/short story/poetry/film)?  Edgar Allan Poe’s most primary work has to be ‘The Raven’. Three more interesting stories by Edgar Allan Poe is: ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’, ‘The Masque of The Red Death’, and ‘The Black Cat’. I had read the tell-tale heart in the seventh grade and have been some what interested in his work since.

Blog 21

What are your thoughts on the novel so far? Better or worse than expected? Interesting? What do you like or dislike?  My initial thoughts on Huck Finn is that the novel is actually more boring than I expected but then again it is only the beginning of the novel. I like that the chapters are short and it does not take about fifteen minutes to read a chapter. I think that it is a bit harder to read with the southern dialect and trying to figure out how to pronounce some things and figure out what each strong southern word definition is.

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   My  first impressions of Huck Finn is that I feel like I should have read The adventures of Tom Sawyer before reading this book. My thoughts on the short story were Simon Wheeler is smarter than you think if he was able to fool someone that is supposed to be more intelligent. The point this short story was trying to make is not to just trust everyone and don’t belittle people for their background. I liked the way we handled the IR reading during the third quarter because you had to be more creative and I usually always forget to take an AR test until the last minute. Plus if you knew what you were doing, making the trailer took as long as taking an AR test.


Humor I enjoy the most is surprise humor. You never know what the person is going to say and you’re surprised at what they say so you laugh and then you realize that they are a terrible person. Like YouTube comedian Brandon Rogers. My type of humor is a mix of surprise and dark humor and then just something stupid to make people laugh. Like observational and self-deprecating humor. I tend to say self-deprecating things around the wrong people and they think I have issues. Some things I found out about Mark Twain is how he got his name. Mark means measure and Twain is two. It is a riverboat term to measure both names in 12 feet depth. a self-deprecating vine

Blog 18 2.0

My initial reaction to this movie was that it seems weird. Like sketchy. Scottie is weird for continuing to stalk Madeline after her husband called it off. Midge is weird for seeming obsessed with Scottie. Madeline reminds me of  Phoebe in season 2 of Friends when she believes that Mrs. Adelman possessed her. . My predictions is that Madeline died a while ago and jumped into the river to repeat her death which brings Scottie with her and he dies and now Midge is suffering the loss of Scottie imagining that he is still alive. The film doesn’t seem successful yet because of it’s many plot holes so far, but as the film goes on and more questions are answered it should be appreciated more. Another theory of this is that Scottie died from the fall and is just thinking he is still living like the hitchhiker book by Roald Dahl I think. Ryan is wondering how Midge can see Scottie still after the second theory and we came to the conclusion that she is crazy.

Blog 15

What connections can you make between Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s? Thoreau seems to be more calm and not trying to tell you your life is a lie like Emerson is doing. What is the main idea of the first portion of the excerpt “Where I Lived and What I Lived For? The main point of the first part is that Thoreau is telling us how his life was like and how he handled it in the nature. What would be the benefits of Thoreau’s leaving behind society to live in the woods experiment? What would you miss? Could you do it? The benefits of leaving behind society would be that you are less stressed and more calm by the woods atmosphere. You would miss big news stories and entertainment. I could probably live off the land but not for long because once I was left alone with 4 dogs for 16 hours and had a never ending existential crisis.

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Song of myself reflects in society today because we are struggling with society and how we lead ourselves. Where do you see specific elements of the poem reflected in our society today? This poem relates to us today because of how everyone tries to do good but doesn’t put forth the effort. Which section, other than your own, did you find the most interesting? Why? The most interesting section other than my own is section 6 because we ask ourselves the same questions and get asked the same questions and most often we have no answer to these questions.  What questions/thoughts/concerns do you still have about the work?  Questions and thoughts for this poem is wondering if Whitman was going through an all time crisis throughout his life. Because people who are going through existential crisis’s ask the same questions.