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At first I thought how are we going to make a short story with 6 words. But you can make anything from them 6 words like turn a simple complement into a full on murder story. The 6 word story I chose was “Goodbye, mission control. Thanks for trying.” because you can take that story any which way like a space mission to a plane with a blown turbine. Thats the cool things about these stories is you can take there to anywhere and make them do anything just from those 6 words. The general theme to my story is it’s about a undocumented space exploration set in 1975 which the the man is bringing back rocks from space, but then mission control looses communication with the piolet. But the problem with the rocks are when the hit Earth’s atmosphere, and oxygen it causes a chemical reaction which creates a toxic gas for humans the will kill off the race. So in the end they just shoot him out of the sky and that’s where it ends. My idea for the story was just thinking about all the space exploration we’ve done as a country and wondering how many where true/documented correctly throughout the years we have been to outer space. My story went through a lot of changes it was originally going to be that it was three people and it was basically going to be if Apollo 11 went bad. It was instead of them landing on they moon they miscalculated and slammed into the moon creating one of the many creators on the moon. Another way it was going to be told was in the future like 2063 and how this bus of “space tourist” went to mars to visit and they went to the museum bulit on mars and in the museum it show like how mars would be a great solution if earth ever fell apart and they had to move people to mars. But a guy wonders off and sees what’s happening to mars there making factory’s to mine all the ore and oil from mars,which in the museum they said that had tons but there hardly enough to support the people living there for 15 years. That’s how I come up with my story using a 6 words.

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