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At first I thought how are we going to make a short story with 6 words. But you can make anything from them 6 words like turn a simple complement into a full on murder story. The 6 word story I chose was “Goodbye, mission control. Thanks for trying.” because you can take that story any which way like a space mission to a plane with a blown turbine. Thats the cool things about these stories is you can take there to anywhere and make them do anything just from those 6 words. The general theme to my story is it’s about a undocumented space exploration set in 1975 which the the man is bringing back rocks from space, but then mission control looses communication with the piolet. But the problem with the rocks are when the hit Earth’s atmosphere, and oxygen it causes a chemical reaction which creates a toxic gas for humans the will kill off the race. So in the end they just shoot him out of the sky and that’s where it ends. My idea for the story was just thinking about all the space exploration we’ve done as a country and wondering how many where true/documented correctly throughout the years we have been to outer space. My story went through a lot of changes it was originally going to be that it was three people and it was basically going to be if Apollo 11 went bad. It was instead of them landing on they moon they miscalculated and slammed into the moon creating one of the many creators on the moon. Another way it was going to be told was in the future like 2063 and how this bus of “space tourist” went to mars to visit and they went to the museum bulit on mars and in the museum it show like how mars would be a great solution if earth ever fell apart and they had to move people to mars. But a guy wonders off and sees what’s happening to mars there making factory’s to mine all the ore and oil from mars,which in the museum they said that had tons but there hardly enough to support the people living there for 15 years. That’s how I come up with my story using a 6 words.

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The moImage result for airplane!vie Airplane! is one of the bests comedy movies thats also terrible and very weird , but some how made 130 Million dollars in box ticket sales. It also has a 97% rotten tomatoes judging it as fresh. An the characters in this movie are ever weirder from a war pilot sweating buckets literally, to a doctor who said the 79th best movie quotes of all time  “surely you can’t be serious’), “I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley”. Also the way the movie is told in a bad situation when the pilots pass out form food poisoning and no one can fly the plane except the one man, but is transformed into a 87 minute comedic mess that actual turned out to be a decent movie.

One think the movie isn’t very strong on it characters development it literally gives one paragraph on how the 2 met and some flash backed from the war. But you do get enough to see he’s not an easy flyer because of the thing he saw in the war. Where the movie takes place is obvious it’s in the movie title like the movie doesn’t put in any hint or clues on where its takes place. Moving on the presentation, the people who wrote this story took a bad situation that no-one wants to be in like the pilots “Dieing” and there going to crash to there cirten death. But theirs a guy that cant let go of his girlfriend so he boards the plane trying to get her back and everyone get the food poisoned fish but him and everyone gets sick and him , the girlfriend, and the rest of the crew make a comedic relief for the bad situation. The movie can be told in 10 minutes but they put the right amount of comedy ans serious things to keep enough suspense and is easily relived with a joke or two.

That is my professional opinion  of the theme of Airplane! and how all of the movie characteristic put together make a funny but still enjoyable movie thats now 37 years old and I would still watch to this day.Related image

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Related imageA whole week of notes on the second week of school is usually boring and very tiring because it still feels like summer and who wants to work on notes when your on summer vacation…wait where was I going with this rant. O ya a whole week of not wasn’t bad as it usually is because I actually learned something (I know shocking) like how the Antagonist can be the good guy and the Protagonist could be the enemy. Also there are stock characters that I really never thought of like Yoda in Star Wars or the “Nerd” in every high school based movie who gets pick on. These week of notes have actual helped me piece storys apart and understand whats the characters in the story part like how to pick out whos the Protagonist and whos the Antagonist and all the side characters and there purposes. One of the stories I can apply that to is Saving Private Ryan the Protagonist in he story is John H. Miller and the Antagonist is the Germans and all the battles they put Miller through. The Single purpose charter is Pvt. Ryan because this only purpose is to be saved by Miller and his squad, the setting would be Germany during world war II. Some of the conflicts are Man vs. Man and Man vs. Self, the man vs. man would be the Americans vs the Germans. An man vs. self would be the things that Miller sees during the battles what he sees happen to his friends.

Week 2 has been easier than one cause I now know where to go without my schedule. Also I know what classes to charge my surface where I don’t need it. One thing I did notice is this year compared to last year is that pretty much every class we use our surface pros instead of like last year for me i used it in like 2-3 of my classes.

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The first week of school is like every other of the 35 weeks just more stressful because you need to find all your classes and try not to use your schedule so you can remember were to go. But other than that it was good, one of my surprises is unlike last year the magortiy of my classes are upstairs. Unlike last year when it was running back and forth, and up and down everyday. Another nice thing is that I a got a lot of the classes I requested instead  of the classes the guidance picking them.

Something I learned about one of my classmates was something I can’t remember. It was a long first week, I remember my presentation and thats about it.

One of my favorite stories is the story to Mafia III so far what I picked out is your a part of the black mob and you team up with the Italian mob to do a bank heist. But when you are done with the job your celebrating at the black mobs hangout/bar which the Italian mob show up to take there cut of the money.  But they show up with more people then usual because they shoot up the bar killing everyone including all of your family including your father who was killed by the Italian mobs boss then they burn it to the ground which your saved by your preacher. So you work across New Bordeaux (New Orleans) helping whats left of the black mob , and moonshine runners getting revenge by take out areas controlled by the different branches of mobs slowly rebuilding your mob so you can take back your areas you ran before the take over. What point i’m at is where your bringing together your allies of different mob leader to make a plan to finally take down the mob that has taken over New Bordeaux.Image result for mafia 3