Independent Reading

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Independent reading was created to encourage people to read eight books over the period of the school year. To me, this does not sound much because I usually read about two books every two weeks. I do not do this because I love reading, but because I know that reading can boost your intelligence, and can make you become more empathetic, which could improve your memory and your IQ score. This does not mean every book in the library is “good” for you. Studies had shown that people become less empathetic toward other people if they read horror because their brain becomes used to death, desolation etc. I believe the best way to encourage and make reading fun is by rewarding people who read books. This will bring more people to read and it will help them later in their lives especially when the time come for them to make their own decisions. We should do this by putting a container in front of the class and as the student read a book they can get a ticket and they can put in the container. At the end of the market period, there will be a drawing and the winner could win a movie ticket or a free past for a blog. This, I believe will make more people want to read more  and give the opportunity to enjoy too. To be truthful I’m very concerns about the book trailer because I still do not know how I’m going to do it. I’m also hoping that it will not take a lot of time, but overall I’m very excited about it!


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