Recreational Weed

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My opinion on whether we should legalize marijuana for recreational purpose as not change over this two weeks period because I learned a lot of new things that I did not know before. For example, I never thought about it in the beginning, but after the debate, I learned one important lesson. And that is that no matter how much taxes we collect from selling something that it is going to cause a lot of harm to many people, in the end, there is not going to be enough to balanced the harms and benefits. The most interesting piece of information in regards to my debate was the fact that the government is not legalizing weed for the health of the people, but the idea that they are going to get millions upon millions of dollars by selling it. At first, they had the excuse to sell it for  “medical” purpose, but now they know that they had hooked the people on the idea that everyone is going to become reach. And unfortunately, now they are ready to move on to the next step which is recreational marijuana. This was something that I actually did not thought about before, but thanks’ goodness I figure it about after many research that I did. One of the best series of information that helped me figure out this was the website Time because they go right to the point and I did not have to read many pages before they said something good. One emotional element in my topic is the idea that the “smart” people are getting reach while the poor people who do not know better are killing themselves by buying something that in the end will cause much harm toward them. I believe that this activates a lot of emotion in our society today because the addiction toward weed can occur to anyone. Even if you have a four-year degree because I have seen it myself. Getting people all emotional while doing my topic is something that you have to try pretty hard because a lot of people have done weed before. And they believe that it does not cause any harm and because they had put in this in their brain it is kind of hard to change it. Ethnicity is very important in my topic because statistics had shown that African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to get addictive. I believe this is very unfortunate because they are the one that has the least money to pay all the taxes from weed. One ethical argument against my topic is the idea that it is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco and they are both illegal. One critical thing that I have learned since we started our argument is to know your topic and to get ready for anything that comes the way. In the future, I will be ready to give better evidence that will counterargument my opponent and make him/her like they have no clue what they are talking about. Well, that might sound mean, but I guess that is the way to win the next debate!

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