Futbol Is Overrated


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Futbol or well know as soccer will NOT be the sport that Americans will be able to accept as the main sport anytime soon. Can you imagine big Football players quitting Football because they wanted to join soccer! Well, if you believe that this might sound realistic then you are wrong. Thirty-two-percent of young adults said that football is their favorite sport, compared to only 13 percent who chose soccer.  You have to understand why most Americans consider soccer to be a “girl” game or just plain boring. We all know that American Football is shape to make the crow excited by watching people crashing each other with full intensity. Although it was not always that way, because it took many years to become the overwhelming popular sports that it is today. Soccer on the other hand hardly had any time to involved at all. This is why soccer is not ready to take on the most popular sport in American. Soccer today will continue to struggle to get the football, basketball, and baseball fans to watch it because the way that it is played causes little excitement while football inherently brings more opportunities for an exciting game. If soccer had come into the U.S. as an organized and stable it might have had a chance, but that was not true because soccer came to America unorganized, unstable and far, far too late.By the time soccer reached America in a viable form, American culture had consolidated up around other sports.

How do you expect Futbol to take over when the U.S.A men’s futbol team can’t even qualify for the 2018 FIFA. If the American futbol league wants to bring more fans toward the game, they at least should have qualified. The FIFA is an opportunity were you can show country from all over the world the skills and power you country have. With more than  3.2 million who watched the 2014 FIFA  causes a lot of pride and excitement toward anyone who is watching. With the U.S.A men Futbol team unable to qualify for the 2018 FIFA it will have a huge setback to the soccer empire. This I believe will cause the increase of futbol fan to decrease in the U.S. because they have to wait for four more years until the next FIFA games. This overall shows that Futbol is not ready to take on the number one sport in the USA, even when its future might look bright.

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Trying to imitate the virtues that Benjamin Franklin created was not only difficult to follow through, but it was also hard for me to mark some of the virtues which I didn’t follow through because of the bias in the experiment. I feel like when the times comes to judge our self, we usually try to distort some of our wrongdoing that we committed because as human beings, we all want to be “good” in some aspect of our life. As you already know the likely hood of all us finding a person who is trying to break all the rules that go along with the virtues of Benjamin Franklin is pretty slim, because no matter how evil somehow is there is always a space inside all of us reserved for good. When the time came for me to check mark the wrongdoing that I have done throughout my day I usually marked the obvious one leaving the small issues unmarked. For example, one of the virtues that I should have marked on the first day was cleanliness, because on the day I forgot to clean my lunch box. But as being me I was like, I don’t think I should put a check mark on cleanliness because I did clean my room and clothes. Which I usually clean my lunch but anyway the point is that you should not ignore the small wrong we commit because they are also as important as the big issues.

The three virtues that my group came along with were: adaptation, loyalty, and Authenticity. For adaption, it was not a big problem to have throughout my day, because adaption for me is a thing that I have become an expert on. The reason why adaption is something that comes naturally to me is the experienced that I had.Because when I move to the U.S.A, a culture that was way different than the one I came from, as well as the language. There was no option for me but to adapt to it as soon as possible if I wanted to survive. For loyalty and Authenticity were also not a big deal because it is part of my personality. Overall, this experiment had taught me that it is impossible for us to become perfect, but it does not mean that we should not try to make some improvement in our life.