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It didn’t take long for me to decide what six words to chose from the list that we got in class because as I was reading the words, ” It cost too much, staying human”, I could easily see how I could create an entire story from this. I know that every single person who has ever walk through our planet has only known the point of view from our own human perspective. It is like living in one country all your life without being able to have the experience of how it feels to live in another part of the world where more likely their way of life is way different. This is where the concept of my story came, but with the intention to broaden the topic to the entire human society. I want the story to start in a place very different than ours. Unlike us, the people from Edom live in peace with each other and they don’t commit any sin, they are basically perfect in their own way.  The story will be following a child name Onum. When Onum was born, it was the biggest event in Edon for about twelve thousand years because children in their community were born on rare occasions.  The community took him under their wing, but they knew that he was different than any other kid. Well, the thing is that Onum does not know that when his dad was sent to the planet earth he did something that was highly prohibited by the Edom people. This is why the elder of Edom are forced to send Onum back to Earth because he has both the blood of an Edom and human. They know that as he gets older his human extinct will be more noticeable causing the people to change their moral way of life which will destroy their way of life. This is why Edom is forced to live is home forever, but he has one exception if his capable of changing the human society for the good of it, he will be able to come back home, but would he?

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