Fair 2017

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It was about 12:30 pm which meant two things; one I was about to go on my lunch break and two I halfway done with my work. This was my third day working and trust me standing for about nine hours a day for four days in a row can make your legs feel like they are going to crumble down the floor. I thought I would have been used to it by now after working for Mr. Folk for four years, but I guess in this situation time wasn’t helping at all. While I was thinking about the misery I was going through, I could see through my peripheral vision, two little kid coming toward my way. I noticed as they enter the exhibit, from their facial expression that both of them were petrified by such a large quantity of butterflies inside. I quickly grab some Gatorade to put on my finger so I would have an easier time catching a butterfly. When I finally was able to grab a butterfly from the wall, the little boy and the little girl which I concluded were brother and sister were already halfway through the exhibit with the intention of exiting the build. I swiftly stepped in front of them and started asking them questions about their day at the Bloomsburg Fair at first, but as I got to know them better I slowly started changing the topic.  From our conversation, I got to know that they really and mean really dislike any type of insect from the experience that they had of been bitten by them. I knew that they were actually not afraid of butterflies, but they actually had mentally made up their mind to dislike every type of insect that existed. As I was trying to convince them that butterflies were the “good” guys, I slowly took the butterflies that I was hiding behind my back and told them I was going to show them a trick. I quickly put a butterfly inside my mouth and I could see how amazed and fascinated they were by it. Then I slowly took the butterfly from my mouth and I deliberately put it on the hand of the boy as fast as could and I told him, ” see they don’t do anything”. They both look at me with fear at first and then their expressions started to change after figuring out that the butterfly was not going to do anything. I stood there and watched them overcome one of their greatest fear. Just at the moment, I was about to get up, Maria came over and told me that it was my turn to go my lunch break. As I left I knew that I have made a difference in a child’s life and it didn’t matter to me anymore that my legs were about to crumple up and it was just halfway done.

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