Ready for a new school year!

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When you are on vacation you really do not want to count down toward the number of days you have left before school starts, but in the end, you really can’t ignore it. I started transitioning my schedule toward a more school like schedule two weeks before school actually started because I feel like the adjustment of having a whole day of freedom to becoming a full-time student has a drastic effect toward our daily life.  One of the changes I forced myself to make was to wake up earlier than usual so my body could become used to the routine of waking up at 6:15 AM rather than 7:30 AM. I know you are thinking like what he wakes up that early in the summer time he must be crazy, but it actually makes your summer days feel longer and when waking up for the first day of school you are actually awake not half sleep.  I just want to inform you that I’m usually a positive person who actually looks forward to every single day. Well,  except August 21 I was not as enthusiastic as usual, nevertheless, what can you do when you are all dressed with your new clothes and looking stylish but to embrace it. Overall, my first week of school was pretty good not because it was good but because I decided to start my school year with the right attitude. One of the things that surprised me about my first week was how the days were extremely long and the week flew by it usually goes the other way around.

When I got informed about the presentation that we were supposed to do about yourself, I become really excited about it because on the paper it said present something that really makes who you are which I translated it to something.  I learned a lot about my classmates even though most of it was pretty original.  One of the things that I learned that was new was how one of my classmates loves to prepare muffins every Saturday and if she would not have told us, it would have never had crossed my mind it was true. While talking about food I usually like to watch the tv show on people trying food such as MasterChef, because it is really interesting how all these judges regret all of this delicious food. I would be like you guys all are winners after the first bite.