End of the Song

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I enjoyed reading and analyzing Walt Whitman work because he writes his poem to advice us on how to become a better person. I also like the way he tries to write his a poem in a way that we could easily understand what he is trying to say, but in the same time, we need to look deeper to figure out what and whom he is talking about. I would say that my favorite section, other than my own, was section three. First of all, I thought it was very inspirational the way he relates his life to his writing because it is easier to connect with him. He does not want someone to do something that he has not done before, making me believe that he actually cares about their readers (us). For example, in one of the lines, he talks about how you can’t learn from a perfect situation. There are going to be many mistakes in our life before we can actually learn something that is of value. Knowing from experienced before that I, myself,  usually get very irritated when things go wrong. Just like Whitman said if you want to learn or become a better person you must go through obstacles and make many mistakes through your life before you become the person you wish to be. Whitman made many mistakes as a young person, but he knows that those mistakes are the very reason that he become the great person that he was. He informed the reader with a lot of enthusiasm that he is satisfied with his life because he is comfortable with who he is. Some of the elements of the poem that reflects our society today are morals, ethics, race, and gender. He clearly put it out that he believes that every human being on this planet are equal to each other no matter what their skin color is or from what background they come from. But he also stated that even though we are made up of the same material, we are still unique in our own way and we should be proud of it. I will give this poem a seven out of seven and even an eight if that is possible.


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I do not disagree or agree with the statement “government is best which governs least” because over many years I have learned a lot of things and one thing that I  certainly learned is that government can be helpful, but it does not mean it is good. I learned this while I  was in Bolivia and if you think that our government is too involved with our lives, I don’t believe that you should be angry or at least not right now because what the US government is just trying to do is make the US the most powerful country. This was very different compared to the Bolivian government because most of the people who work for the government wanted to get all the money that belongs to the people into their pockets. Well, at least the U.S government knows that if they want to become powerful they first have to get the support of the people or they are not going to get anything done. Government is defined as a system of people, laws, and officials that define and control the country that you live in. The Government is responsible for people’s affairs and it tries to assume certain outcome or forms of behavior considered desirable by those who use political authority. I believe that we need to refuse certain laws of governmental if you want to stand out and tell people in authority what you stand for. For some laws do not belong to us. I believe this is very effective because other people can easily stand by your side without actually committing a crime.

Blog Fifteen

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The connections that I made between Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s were that they both believe solidly that by living with nature we could discover the physical aspects of what it truly means to be a man, our soul would be closer to God, and our imagination would be uplifted to change our lives. Thoreau was trying to  point out the concept of what he lives for and the goal of his life was to live deliberately as he stated “To front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” In the beginning, Thoreau’s talks about all the places where he was looking to settled down. Then he found the perfect spot to settle down which was the Hollowell farm. He was about to buy when the wife decided to change her mind and decided to it which Thoreau was not upset about it. He realized that the choice the women made might have been for the best. Instead of buying the place he decided to settle down at Walden pond were he build his house close to a stream. Thoreau decided to stay there because it was far away from society and he wanted to come something out it. As he said “I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms, and, if it proved to be mean, why then to get the whole and genuine meanness of it, and publish its meanness to the world.” In the conclusion, he talks about how he left the woods because he wanted to do something else instead of staying in the wild for the rest of his life. He felt like he was doing the same thing every day which he did not like, he believes that people had the right to follow their own path. If I want to the woods by my self to get me closer to the “world”; I think I could not be able to stay their very long, because I could miss my family very bad especially the ability to talk with them.

Independent Reading

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Independent reading was created to encourage people to read eight books over the period of the school year. To me, this does not sound much because I usually read about two books every two weeks. I do not do this because I love reading, but because I know that reading can boost your intelligence, and can make you become more empathetic, which could improve your memory and your IQ score. This does not mean every book in the library is “good” for you. Studies had shown that people become less empathetic toward other people if they read horror because their brain becomes used to death, desolation etc. I believe the best way to encourage and make reading fun is by rewarding people who read books. This will bring more people to read and it will help them later in their lives especially when the time come for them to make their own decisions. We should do this by putting a container in front of the class and as the student read a book they can get a ticket and they can put in the container. At the end of the market period, there will be a drawing and the winner could win a movie ticket or a free past for a blog. This, I believe will make more people want to read more  and give the opportunity to enjoy too. To be truthful I’m very concerns about the book trailer because I still do not know how I’m going to do it. I’m also hoping that it will not take a lot of time, but overall I’m very excited about it!



Imagen relacionadaEven though, after reading the excerpts and discussing in class, I’m still confused on what the word Transcendentalism means.  Initially, I thought it was a word describing a person who went through many changes to become someone better or wiser. It is a well-educated guess, even though I just I went by how it sounded instead of what it actually meant. After reading the excerpts from “Nature” and “Self-Reliance” I got a better understanding of the meaning of the word and its purpose. For example, in “Nature” we learned that if we let go of all the materials we have stored in this world and instead focus more in our natural world we will immediately see a lot of changes in our lives. If we start to focus more on the natural world than the things that our society made us belief which is called egocentrism then overtime egocentrism will disappear from our thoughts. As the text says “I become a transparent eyeball. I am nothing. I see all. The currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part of parcel of God.” When the time comes to choose between deciding whether humans are naturally evil or inherently good,  I can’t choose between both of them because base on past experience I have met many great people and at the same time I have met many evil ones. The first type of people I’m going to talk about are the ones that want to be your friends only because of how well known you are or because they want something out of you. But when the time comes when you are in trouble they will just turn their back on you and actually start talking bad about you.  I have met many people who are like this, but it does not mean that our entire society is “fake” or should  I say evil. Throughout my life, I have also learned a very valuable lesson and that is; no matter how evil someone might look, they are always something good inside all of them and even if it is just a speck of goodness. I personally believe that the people who have trouble being themselves or being a true friend. They are like that because they do not know better. But, I do believe they naturally contain some sort of goodness inside.





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My understanding of arguments had definitely changed, after the debate this past week. Before the debate, I knew arguments were something that political people did a lot and what kids do today to convince their parents to do something for them. Overall, we mostly argue to convince other people that they are wrong and that we are right. You see this all the time if you watched politics; they always arguing on many sensitive topics such as; building a wall, making abortion illegal, helping the dreamers or sending them back. I can go on forever with my list because there is a lot of topics that we disagree and this is how arguments start. Most people, while they are arguing show a lot of their opinion and that is not good because if you want to sound more professional, you should talk about the data and facts you found to support your argument. And this is why most arguments you see in school get all heated up and friendships start breaking apart. As for the best debate that I heard; was the hardcover textbook vs. digital textbook argument. They did a very good job on counterargument their opponent because they seem like they knew their topic. Knowing your topic make it easier to argue effectively because it is just like seeing two soccer player arguing about why we should have a permanent location for the FIFA games. But it would be different if two football players were arguing about the same topic. Well, first of all, I do not think you would like to stand there and watch them talk about something they have no clue what they are arguing about. And it would be boring anyway. This is why I believe this group did a pretty good job and they seem like they knew their topic so they had a lot of things to argue about. Since we started this unit, my understanding of arguments had changed dramatically. I learned that arguments are more than just angry people trying to get their point across. It is based on a lot of searching and the knowledge of your topic. This is how I try to win my debate.



Recreational Weed

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My opinion on whether we should legalize marijuana for recreational purpose as not change over this two weeks period because I learned a lot of new things that I did not know before. For example, I never thought about it in the beginning, but after the debate, I learned one important lesson. And that is that no matter how much taxes we collect from selling something that it is going to cause a lot of harm to many people, in the end, there is not going to be enough to balanced the harms and benefits. The most interesting piece of information in regards to my debate was the fact that the government is not legalizing weed for the health of the people, but the idea that they are going to get millions upon millions of dollars by selling it. At first, they had the excuse to sell it for  “medical” purpose, but now they know that they had hooked the people on the idea that everyone is going to become reach. And unfortunately, now they are ready to move on to the next step which is recreational marijuana. This was something that I actually did not thought about before, but thanks’ goodness I figure it about after many research that I did. One of the best series of information that helped me figure out this was the website Time because they go right to the point and I did not have to read many pages before they said something good. One emotional element in my topic is the idea that the “smart” people are getting reach while the poor people who do not know better are killing themselves by buying something that in the end will cause much harm toward them. I believe that this activates a lot of emotion in our society today because the addiction toward weed can occur to anyone. Even if you have a four-year degree because I have seen it myself. Getting people all emotional while doing my topic is something that you have to try pretty hard because a lot of people have done weed before. And they believe that it does not cause any harm and because they had put in this in their brain it is kind of hard to change it. Ethnicity is very important in my topic because statistics had shown that African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to get addictive. I believe this is very unfortunate because they are the one that has the least money to pay all the taxes from weed. One ethical argument against my topic is the idea that it is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco and they are both illegal. One critical thing that I have learned since we started our argument is to know your topic and to get ready for anything that comes the way. In the future, I will be ready to give better evidence that will counterargument my opponent and make him/her like they have no clue what they are talking about. Well, that might sound mean, but I guess that is the way to win the next debate!

Recreational Weed Is No Bueno

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When I learned that I was against legalizing Marijuana for recreational purpose it made me very happy because I truly believe that Marijuana should stay illegal throughout the states. Seeing more people without the right set of mind will just bring our morals to the lowest it had ever been. If I ever get to see someone walking down my street smoking weed and knowing that he/she is allowed to do the type of staff then I will call it a disaster. Prior to research, I knew more than half of the states in the US had legalized weed for medical purpose. Even when doctors have not been able to prove any cases that medical Marijuana had helped any individuals recover from their illness. I believe the government is not legalizing marijuana because they care about the health of their people, but they just want more cash to come from selling it. According to a new report from New Frontier Data, states with legalized marijuana are on track to generate approximately $655 million in state taxes on retail sales in 2017. Within that tax figure, $559 million will come just from cannabis taxes, much more than from alcohol taxes! If you were thinking the government was worried about the health of the people; then you were thinking wrong. The best way to show other people that making marijuana illegal for recreational purpose is a big NO is by showing them statistics. People will be able to see how  Marijuana affects your brain and causes you to get hook on more dangerous drugs. More likely you had known a friend or a family member who got caught up doing weed. And if you tell me that you had not seen a difference in the character of the individual then I guarantee you have not look closely.

Futbol Is Overrated


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Futbol or well know as soccer will NOT be the sport that Americans will be able to accept as the main sport anytime soon. Can you imagine big Football players quitting Football because they wanted to join soccer! Well, if you believe that this might sound realistic then you are wrong. Thirty-two-percent of young adults said that football is their favorite sport, compared to only 13 percent who chose soccer.  You have to understand why most Americans consider soccer to be a “girl” game or just plain boring. We all know that American Football is shape to make the crow excited by watching people crashing each other with full intensity. Although it was not always that way, because it took many years to become the overwhelming popular sports that it is today. Soccer on the other hand hardly had any time to involved at all. This is why soccer is not ready to take on the most popular sport in American. Soccer today will continue to struggle to get the football, basketball, and baseball fans to watch it because the way that it is played causes little excitement while football inherently brings more opportunities for an exciting game. If soccer had come into the U.S. as an organized and stable it might have had a chance, but that was not true because soccer came to America unorganized, unstable and far, far too late.By the time soccer reached America in a viable form, American culture had consolidated up around other sports.

How do you expect Futbol to take over when the U.S.A men’s futbol team can’t even qualify for the 2018 FIFA. If the American futbol league wants to bring more fans toward the game, they at least should have qualified. The FIFA is an opportunity were you can show country from all over the world the skills and power you country have. With more than  3.2 million who watched the 2014 FIFA  causes a lot of pride and excitement toward anyone who is watching. With the U.S.A men Futbol team unable to qualify for the 2018 FIFA it will have a huge setback to the soccer empire. This I believe will cause the increase of futbol fan to decrease in the U.S. because they have to wait for four more years until the next FIFA games. This overall shows that Futbol is not ready to take on the number one sport in the USA, even when its future might look bright.

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Trying to imitate the virtues that Benjamin Franklin created was not only difficult to follow through, but it was also hard for me to mark some of the virtues which I didn’t follow through because of the bias in the experiment. I feel like when the times comes to judge our self, we usually try to distort some of our wrongdoing that we committed because as human beings, we all want to be “good” in some aspect of our life. As you already know the likely hood of all us finding a person who is trying to break all the rules that go along with the virtues of Benjamin Franklin is pretty slim, because no matter how evil somehow is there is always a space inside all of us reserved for good. When the time came for me to check mark the wrongdoing that I have done throughout my day I usually marked the obvious one leaving the small issues unmarked. For example, one of the virtues that I should have marked on the first day was cleanliness, because on the day I forgot to clean my lunch box. But as being me I was like, I don’t think I should put a check mark on cleanliness because I did clean my room and clothes. Which I usually clean my lunch but anyway the point is that you should not ignore the small wrong we commit because they are also as important as the big issues.

The three virtues that my group came along with were: adaptation, loyalty, and Authenticity. For adaption, it was not a big problem to have throughout my day, because adaption for me is a thing that I have become an expert on. The reason why adaption is something that comes naturally to me is the experienced that I had.Because when I move to the U.S.A, a culture that was way different than the one I came from, as well as the language. There was no option for me but to adapt to it as soon as possible if I wanted to survive. For loyalty and Authenticity were also not a big deal because it is part of my personality. Overall, this experiment had taught me that it is impossible for us to become perfect, but it does not mean that we should not try to make some improvement in our life.