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It didn’t take long for me to decide what six words to chose from the list that we got in class because as I was reading the words, ” It cost too much, staying human”, I could easily see how I could create an entire story from this. I know that every single person who has ever walk through our planet has only known the point of view from our own human perspective. It is like living in one country all your life without being able to have the experience of how it feels to live in another part of the world where more likely their way of life is way different. This is where the concept of my story came, but with the intention to broaden the topic to the entire human society. I want the story to start in a place very different than ours. Unlike us, the people from Edom live in peace with each other and they don’t commit any sin, they are basically perfect in their own way.  The story will be following a child name Onum. When Onum was born, it was the biggest event in Edon for about twelve thousand years because children in their community were born on rare occasions.  The community took him under their wing, but they knew that he was different than any other kid. Well, the thing is that Onum does not know that when his dad was sent to the planet earth he did something that was highly prohibited by the Edom people. This is why the elder of Edom are forced to send Onum back to Earth because he has both the blood of an Edom and human. They know that as he gets older his human extinct will be more noticeable causing the people to change their moral way of life which will destroy their way of life. This is why Edom is forced to live is home forever, but he has one exception if his capable of changing the human society for the good of it, he will be able to come back home, but would he?

Fair 2017

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It was about 12:30 pm which meant two things; one I was about to go on my lunch break and two I halfway done with my work. This was my third day working and trust me standing for about nine hours a day for four days in a row can make your legs feel like they are going to crumble down the floor. I thought I would have been used to it by now after working for Mr. Folk for four years, but I guess in this situation time wasn’t helping at all. While I was thinking about the misery I was going through, I could see through my peripheral vision, two little kid coming toward my way. I noticed as they enter the exhibit, from their facial expression that both of them were petrified by such a large quantity of butterflies inside. I quickly grab some Gatorade to put on my finger so I would have an easier time catching a butterfly. When I finally was able to grab a butterfly from the wall, the little boy and the little girl which I concluded were brother and sister were already halfway through the exhibit with the intention of exiting the build. I swiftly stepped in front of them and started asking them questions about their day at the Bloomsburg Fair at first, but as I got to know them better I slowly started changing the topic.  From our conversation, I got to know that they really and mean really dislike any type of insect from the experience that they had of been bitten by them. I knew that they were actually not afraid of butterflies, but they actually had mentally made up their mind to dislike every type of insect that existed. As I was trying to convince them that butterflies were the “good” guys, I slowly took the butterflies that I was hiding behind my back and told them I was going to show them a trick. I quickly put a butterfly inside my mouth and I could see how amazed and fascinated they were by it. Then I slowly took the butterfly from my mouth and I deliberately put it on the hand of the boy as fast as could and I told him, ” see they don’t do anything”. They both look at me with fear at first and then their expressions started to change after figuring out that the butterfly was not going to do anything. I stood there and watched them overcome one of their greatest fear. Just at the moment, I was about to get up, Maria came over and told me that it was my turn to go my lunch break. As I left I knew that I have made a difference in a child’s life and it didn’t matter to me anymore that my legs were about to crumple up and it was just halfway done.

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Fight for What is Right

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If you have to leave the place you have known your entire life because you needed to go fight for a group of people who were not able to fight for themselves would you do it? Well, that is exactly what this person by the name of, Wonder Woman did. She did not only left her hometown, Themyscira, but she also left her family behind to solve one of the worst problems we have ever encountered – WWI. In the movie, we learn from Steve Trevor that the “Great War” has claimed million up million of life on a matter of a couple of years! Were all those lives necessary or worth it? Does it really justify the purpose?

It’s very clear that the setting of the war added to the many struggles, sorrow, hopeless and fear that the people at the time were having to experience. At time like this where so many bad things are occurring at one time, it is easy to shrug our shoulders saying “Aww it is pretty awful but I guess that’s just the way this world is.”, or you can actually do something to make a difference. Sometimes we think that we need a whole army to make a difference but most of the time it only take a brave person to do the job and this is where Wonder Woman comes into play. In the beginning of the story, you have this emotional bonding toward Wonder Woman because she is willing to sacrifice everything so other people can have the right to enjoy life. She leaves her home with a total stranger so she can come to one of the worst events in the history of our civilization because she believes that she is capable stopping this catastrophic by killing Ares. Wonder Woman learns an important lesson and that is killing the antagonist is not the answer to solving the problem, but she has to learn this very important lesson before she is capable ending the war. Finally at the end of the movie the “Great War” is over and soldiers are able to go back home but with the cost of million of lives which make me ask this question are so many live necessary or worth it in the first hand or we capable of coming with a better solution?

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Right to Learn!

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Before I go any further on this topic, I just want to say the notes we took about Elements of Short Story were not as bad as I thought they were going to be.  When I saw the two pages of notes, I say to myself, oh my,  I bet we have to know all of these new definitions if we want to get A+ on the test! But, thank goodness, I was mistaken by the word New.  As you all might already know most of the vocabulary that was on the notes are actual words that we have learned before. Well,  I should say the words are familiar, but that does mean we have actually applied it to books we had read before. From my perspective,  Mr. McGarry did an excellent job on applying each of the concepts into movies and books that we are familiar with, which made it much easier to understand how each term applies to an individual concept. For example, as a kid, my two top favorite superheroes were Superman and Batman. I liked them because every time they fought the “bad” guys they always ended in victory.  I had this personal preference especially for Batman because I knew he had the same capabilities as any human beings do. However,  the way he used them made him very different and extremely powerful. I’m pretty sure that before Batman mention anything about not having any superhuman- powers, and that only thing he had was money and talent, nobody knew about it. Because of it, people started to viewing him differently and questioning him A LOT. Knowing this as a kid, even before people started to question  Batman, I felt this emotional bonding toward him, because in my eyes he was different than the others superheroes and he knew how it felt to be a human. If anybody asks me whether I prefer to be Batman or Superman I would say, Batman, because I feel I can connect with him more. Learning the concept of catharsis gave me a better understanding of why I felt such strong bond with Batman rather than Superman. Yeah,  even though  Superman is still in my top three.


I compare my second week of school to the notes we took in class because at first, it was long and somewhat tiring, but as we went on it only got better. My second week went by way faster than my first week because for some reason the first week felt forever. Also by the second week, it felt like almost everything in school was back to the regular routine, which I like. Other than the amount of homework I got, which sometimes overwhelm me, my second week was great!



Ready for a new school year!

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When you are on vacation you really do not want to count down toward the number of days you have left before school starts, but in the end, you really can’t ignore it. I started transitioning my schedule toward a more school like schedule two weeks before school actually started because I feel like the adjustment of having a whole day of freedom to becoming a full-time student has a drastic effect toward our daily life.  One of the changes I forced myself to make was to wake up earlier than usual so my body could become used to the routine of waking up at 6:15 AM rather than 7:30 AM. I know you are thinking like what he wakes up that early in the summer time he must be crazy, but it actually makes your summer days feel longer and when waking up for the first day of school you are actually awake not half sleep.  I just want to inform you that I’m usually a positive person who actually looks forward to every single day. Well,  except August 21 I was not as enthusiastic as usual, nevertheless, what can you do when you are all dressed with your new clothes and looking stylish but to embrace it. Overall, my first week of school was pretty good not because it was good but because I decided to start my school year with the right attitude. One of the things that surprised me about my first week was how the days were extremely long and the week flew by it usually goes the other way around.

When I got informed about the presentation that we were supposed to do about yourself, I become really excited about it because on the paper it said present something that really makes who you are which I translated it to something.  I learned a lot about my classmates even though most of it was pretty original.  One of the things that I learned that was new was how one of my classmates loves to prepare muffins every Saturday and if she would not have told us, it would have never had crossed my mind it was true. While talking about food I usually like to watch the tv show on people trying food such as MasterChef, because it is really interesting how all these judges regret all of this delicious food. I would be like you guys all are winners after the first bite.