The Good Bung, The Bad Bung, And The Ugly Bung

So I would like to just start this blog off by saying, that I really enjoyed this class. It was really the only class I didn’t dread going to every day. I think allowing everyone to work in groups enables students to critique, and share ideas, for a better learning experience. I also like how the class was not based off taking tests or quizzes, but actually analyzing the works we read, and trying to comprehend them further. I think the best piece of literature we read and analyzed was Huck Finn. It was an enjoyable read, and I quite enjoyed analyzing the in depth meanings and themes of the story. I really cannot think of a way to improve this class. I really enjoy and think you are doing an amazing job McGarry!

My goals academically are…… none. Just kidding, just kidding. I am telling myself I am actually going to try unlike the last two years, but we will see how that goes. I think to prepare myself for the real world, I will just keep being independent, save my money, mature and become more responsible. But truthfully, I don’t want to graduate. I like sports, the social interactions, and seeing all my childhood friends and fellow teammates.

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