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The book as a whole I found a very enjoyable read. I am glad that we took the time as a class to read and analyze the story. It really is one of the greatest American literary works. I think the novel was better than expected, as I knew I would probably enjoy it when I first started reading, I liked it more and more and the novel went on.

In my opinion, the novel does a good job pointing out themes and supporting them throughout the story. If I had to compare Huck Finn to another novel that I’ve read it would be “Legend.” That might sound crazy, as the settings are polar opposites. “Legend” takes place many years in the future in a very strict government enforced America, whereas Huck Finn is placed several years in the past in a more colonial time period with many freedoms among the people here.

The similarities of these two, and why Huck Finn reminds me of Legend are that it’s two people, going on adventures, little quests, always running into trouble, escaping from the law if you will. Also, later in the story of Legend one of the two in the duo gets captured, kind of like Jim in Huck Finn, so the other reaches out for help to rescue the one in captivity. Overall they are quite different, but it certainly reminded me of that story.

The end of the book is obviously very frustrating because finding out Jim was free the entire time, and going through all the trouble and sacrifice to set him free, when he technically already is, was just very baffling.

The most important things for a modern reader to take away from this story are the themes that are relative to modern society. Treat others how you would want to be treated, and many more. So yes, many themes in Huck Finn still apply to modern society. Especially since our society is so divided, if we could take away from Huck Finn, we could make the world a better place.

So for our project, we have decided to relate drinks, or mixed drinks with ingredients that describe the characters. For example, Tom Sawyer would be sweet tea. Very typical southern drink, that just describes the overall ideology of the South. Our goals are to accurately represent each character within the story.

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