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A lot of crucial transitional events occur in these chapters (30-33) in ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” There are several very important events in the development of the story. In chapter 30, the dauphin almost kills Huck, but the Duke stops him. Another important event in this chapter was the gold in the coffin. The Duke and the Dauphin assume one of them hid the gold in there to get later, and they argue about it. These are important events leading through the next chapters in the story. In chapter 31, the arguments of the Duke and the Dauphin continue at a tavern in the town, which allows Huck to escape from captivity of the two. Then, back at the raft, Huck goes to get Jim, but he is nowhere to be found. Huck later finds out that Jim was taken by a man who claimed him to be a runaway slave, and that the man was going to return Jim to Silas Phelps, a farmer. Another important thing that happens in this chapter is Huck, after contemplating his decision for a while decides he’ll be doomed to hell and steal Jim back from slavery. I think this final part of the chapter is extremely important because Huck is basically maturing in a sense that he is going to do what he thinks is right for the love of Jim and their friendship, even if it sends him to hell. In chapter 32, Huck arrives at the small cotton plantation of Silas Phelps, and is greeted by Aunt Sally. She thinks he is Tom Sawyer who is coming to visit so this goes in Huck’s favor. In chapter 33, Huck finds Tom. The two talk about Jim and how to steal him from slavery.

The characters that we are introduced during this are Aunt Sally, and Silas Phelps. We learn that Aunt Sally seems to be a good, likable person, but has bad morals. We also learn about Silas and how he isn’t that bad of a guy considering, and his security of his slaves and his plantation is not that great to say the least.

The setting of the work during theses chapters takes place at the Phelps’ farm. It is a small, cotton plantation, in the extreme South of Arkansas. It is accessible by water, and I can guarantee this accessibility will have to do with their get away once they steal Jim back to freedom.

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