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The author that I selected for the 4th Quarter IR is George R.R. Martin. The main reason I picked this author is the HBO series Game Of Thrones which I have become absolutely addicted to. My brother and I talk about the show all the time and form our own theories for the future of the story. Also, my cousin and his wife read the novel series “A Song Of Ice And Fire” which is what the HBO series “A Game of Thrones” is based off of. The primary work of this author are novels, but he also writes several short stories. Also, George R.R. Martin is a screenwriter and television producer most famous for his contributions to “A Game of Thrones.” This impacted my desire to select this author for that reason. I love the television series and have always told myself to read the novels, so now that I have a very good driving purpose to do so, I actually will. I am really looking forward to reading the novels, and it will give me something to consume while I wait for the release of the last season of “A Game of Thrones” in 2019.

Georges R.R. Martin’s early childhood was fairly sad. It was very humbling to read about his situation in his early life. It was also quite inspiring to be reminded that in America, with hard work and an imagination, you can become successful. George R.R. Martin lived in a Federal Housing Project, and was very poor. His life consisted of going to school and back. His limited world view game him, the urge to travel and experience things throughout the world. Though he could not due to his family’s financial situation, he read a lot! This allowed him to reach out and learn and imagine new places and things.

Martin gained a strong interest in literature from a very young age, and began writing monster stories and selling them to the neighborhood children for a penny. LOL. This developed into writing dramatic stories about kingdoms in which his pet turtles ruled. Martin’s turtle stories developed into his pet turtles killing each other in sinister plots. As you can see this is very similar to “A Game Of Thrones.”

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