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At first, while watching the film, the thoughts running through my head were that I should appreciate the quality of modern day movies. I thought this for many reasons. These reasons being the use of CGI, better sets, better acting, higher quality, are all things we take for granted now a days that aren’t present in an old film such as Vertigo. So, now that we are half way through the movie, I do quite like it. My reactions are that it is very suspenseful. It is mysterious and really grabs your attention. I am indeed excited to see what may happen next. Some things that I find very interesting is how Scotty reacts to the girl. He not is not only following her for the sake of his job, but he has another motive. I think while at the restaurant, Scotty realizes that he actually has feelings for the girl. So he now follows her not only because he was hired to, but because he is concerned for her own safety as well. Another thing I noticed speaking of feelings, Scotty’s female roommate I think also likes Scotty. However, I think Scotty has moved on from her since they’ve broke up. This girl comes off as annoying to me, towards the middle of the movie she seems to be trying very hard for Scotty to notice her, but again Scotty has lost interest. Some of my predictions for the rest of the movie are that Scotty is really going to fall for her. Also, I think that something is going to happen to Gavin’s wife, the girl Scotty is suppose to watch. I think as he is following her, his fear of heights is going to come into play later in the movie. I know the girl dies, So I think his fear of heights will hinder Scotty from saving her.

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