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My assigned topic for the blog is: “Should women be allowed to do combat roles in the military?” My assigned stance for the debate is (Pro). This stance on the issue is not my personal stance. I do not think that it is necessary, nor should women play a combat role in the military. Why I think this is because having women playing a combat role would be too much of a problem for the entire unit of soldiers in a combat situation. For example, in a firefight, a male soldier may be worried about his female accomplice and it could serve as a distraction. Also, a male soldier may be more inclined to help the female soldier endangering more people than necessary.  I also believe that because of the strength disadvantages of women, a situation such as carrying someone could hurt a squad and put lives at more risk than just have a male counter-part. Another thing that could be a factor is the emotional aspect. Yes, I understand that a male could be susceptible to emotional trauma as well, but generally speaking, as a society we raise our males to cry less, “suck it up”, “be a man”, etc. So, men tend to be less emotional, and would handle a high stress, highly emotional instance better. And in a firefight or active combat situation, being emotional and forgetting your training means you and your fellow soldiers could be killed.

When I did a basic Google search on the issue, the results that I got were a lot of articles talking about the US opening up combat jobs to women. There is an article put out by CNN about a woman who was in a close quarters firefight in Iraq. She killed at least three insurgents and received the Silver Star award. Most “top result” articles seem to be supportive of women in combat roles.

The approach I plan on taking to the debate is arguing equality. Women are equal among men so they should have an equal role in the military. I feel this is the strongest argument I have. That and arguing that if women want to fight for our country and our freedom than let them.

The only ethical issue I can think of within this topic would be that not letting women fight for our country is ethically wrong. If they want to do it, then let them. This is not an ethical issue for my stance on the issue, rather the con side of the argument.

Emotions that can be brought into my argument would be freedom. The freedom, and the right to fight for the country. Patriotism can also be placed into the argument as an effective emotion.

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